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Guide to Florida Environmental Summer Camps!

Summer is a great time to engage your little one in extracurricular learning. Whether it be a sports camp, art camp, or even an educational readiness camp – the options can sometimes seem overwhelming. We have done the research for you and have found 5 of the best environmental camps across Florida! They focus on education, eco-arts & crafts, games, activities, and more that foster a life long love for the environment.

1. Save the Planet Summer Camp | IDEAS for Us

Orlando, Florida
Save the Planet Summer Camp is a 5-day educational camp in Orlando, Florida that engages children in eco-education and action! This summer camp occurs in two sessions, for two different age groups. Each of the 5 days is centered around an environmental theme – energy, water, food, waste, and ecology, and features 6 hours of lessons, crafts, hands-on activities, and games!

Location: Audubon Park Covenant Church in Audubon Park, FL

Ages: Kindergarten through 5th
Cost: $350 / Week

IDEAS For Us hosts our summer camps at a property that includes activities on a small local farm in the backyard.

2. Conservation Camp | The Rattlesnake Conservancy

Jacksonville, Florida
Conservation Camp is a new youth program for science, conservation, and wildlife! Conservation Camp features hands-on activities focusing on a variety of topics including botany, environmental sciences, and wildlife, with weekly themes. Other engaging activities include meeting animal ambassadors, outdoors hikes, and a field trip to explore coastal ecosystems.

Location: Tree Hill Nature Center in Jacksonville, FL
Ages: All age groups
Cost: $299 / Week

Animal encounters at Conservation Camp. Image property of The Rattlesnake Conservatory

3. Pine Jog Summer Day Camp | Florida Atlantic University

West Palm Beach, Florida
Pine Jog Summer Day Camp is an 8-week program with weekly themes ranging from ‘Waste Warriors’ to “Ocean Wonders’ and ‘Outdoor Adventures’, where campers can learn about everything from sustainability to outdoor camping skills. Throughout each week, campers engage in nature study, art, recreation, and field trips.

Location: Pine Jog Environmental Center in West Palm Beach, FL
Ages: 5 to 12 years
Cost: $450 / Session Fee and $150 / Weekly Fee

Image property of Florida Atlantic University

4. Nature Camp | Deering Estate

Miami, Florida
Nature Camp is a summer camp featuring 10-weeks of pure fun and exploring the best of what nature has to offer. Participants hike, play, and discover while learning about environmental protection.

Location: Deering Estate in Miami, FL
Ages: 6 to 14 years
Cost: $175 to 200 / Week

Partipants in Nature Camp summer camps having fun at the campfire. Image property of Deering Estate.

5. Florida Eco-Adventures Day Camp | Florida Eco-Adventures

Tampa, Florida
This is an action-packed 4-week summer camp that offers campers the chance to learn about wildlife and ecology while being active every day. Activities may include anything from snorkeling in Tarpon Springs, shelling in Fort DeSoto, or kayaking the Rainbow River.

Location: N. Florida Ave. in Tampa, FL
Ages: 8 to 16 years
Cost: $250 / Week or $60 / Day

Snorkeling in a Florida Spring. Image from Unsplash / Luis Cent.

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