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About This Branch

IDEAS For Us DRC was founded in 2015 as the first foray of IDEAS For Us in the Democratic Republic of The Congo. The work here has been lead by our branch in Bukavu and our founding branch leader, Daniel Mastaki. Tree plantings, solar lanterns, solar water pump electrification, and trash-clean-ups have all been key to the building momentum needed in the DRC to advance sustainability.  

Environmental Challenges

  • Deforestation
  • Poor waste management
  • Illegal hunting
  • Agriculture on steep slopes and burning agriculture
  • Erosion


Please reach out to and we will connect you with the current leaders in their respective cities OR follow IDEAS For DRC on Facebook and Instagram to learn more.


IDEAS For DRC and the subsequent branches are run by extraordinary individuals. Our country director is Eliode Bakole (pictured) and Daniel Mastaki.

Support Action Projects in DRC

Project 1: Stand Up Woman, Light of Tomorrow in Goma

Objective: Provide materials to young girls in order to construct homemade sanitary pads to avoid missing school due to their menstrual cycles.


Goal: Help at least 1,000 girls learn how to properly utilize menstrual pads and construct them at home.

Project 2: Environmental Education in Bukavu

Objective: Educate and provide curriculum to local schools in Bukavu in order to bring a focus to the environmental detriments facing the nation while incorporating global challenges.


Goal: Pilot the new curriculum and environmental educational training to two schools within the first year of implementation.

Project 3: Reforestation

Objective: Protect the remaining forests in DRC and help replenish the land by planing native trees.


Goal: Raise enough funding to provide 100 trees to the deforested areas throughout the urban landscape.



Events and Projects

Members of our  IDEAS For DRC branch have won many Solutions Fund Microgrants and utilized the funding and mentorship to advance numerous SDG projects. Reforestation campaigns have been numerous and we are excited to bring together the social, economic, and environmental nexus for many of these projects by creating inclusive, ecological jobs for people in rural communities.


Partnerships with other local organizations:

CYNESA : Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa, Kenya Nairobi

AGED : Action pour la Gestion de l’Environnement et le Développement Durable, Bukavu, DR Congo.

Mama’s Rhudosanye”  association.

Success Stories

In 2014, IDEAS For DR Congo’s direction has produced a kit in French, to explain to members the mission, vision and objectives of IDEAS For Us.


October 8, 2015, a reforestation campaign was launched by planting more than 500 trees seedlings at Camp SAIO.


December 2015, reforestation at Saint Paul College with students. Awareness of more than 1100 students and their teachers, 3000 trees had been planted.


June 2015, accompanying the women of the association “Rhudosanye Moms” to Miti to increase their income through their activities and protect the environment.

IDEAS For DR Congo concluded on June 30, 2015 a partnership with “Rhudosanye”’s association.


December 2016 the teaam planted 500 trees with Wima Highschool while engaging 1700 girls in the process of environmental protection.


Jane of 2016 they planted 1500 young trees in the streets of Buvaky while educating the highschool about the importance of environmental action projects.

2020-2021 Success Stories

The IDEAS DRC Team is growing with empowered volunteers and incredible leaders in the environmental movement. The Branch leaders Eliode Bakole and Daniel Mastaki have been leading incredible Hive meetings to educate their community on environmental issues and mobilize them in action projects. Their impact in the community throughout the past year has been increasing as they continue to implement long term climate solutions.


The team is restoring the gap between human and wildlife relationships by planting trees throughout the streets of Buvaku, while educating volunteers on the need for this action. This work is not only healing the soil, air and water quality, but also educating individuals on how to implement climate action.


They have hosted a series of Hive meetings and clean ups to address the waste problem in their water ways. They have also identified the need for local food sources. They are satisfying this need through their recently implemented community garden with four plots of produce including eggplant, green peppers and cabbage. This garden also includes an animal agriculture pen to raise guinea pigs. This garden is also being utilized to train the next generation of sustainable farmers.


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