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Learn more about how Ideas For Us is impacting lives all over the world. IDEAS For Us is an environmental non-profit organization that activates communities.

Environmental Non-Profit Organization

IDEAS For Us (IDEAS) is active in both developed and developing nations. Every project and program we launch shares the collective aim to help people, heal the planet, and grow prosperity at the community level through the education, engagement, and empowerment of those we serve. Since 2008, The IDEAS Solutions Fund has funded action in 30 counties and engaged thousands of volunteers worldwide.

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Building the Environmental Action Movement of the 21st Century

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IDEAS For Us is an environmental non-profit organization that activates communities through monthly eco-action projects in Energy, Water, Food, Waste, and Ecology.

The IDEAS Hive is a “Think/Do-Tank” that enables members of a particular community to come together to create real change in a city or college campus. Each month, this event aligns with one of our Five Focus Areas of Sustainability and the United Nation’s SDGs, features an expert presentation on the subject, and develops an environmental action project.

The Solutions Fund and its micro-granting platform that allows for a wide variety of organizations and individuals to engage in small environmental projects around the world. It is designed to fund pilot projects that advance the United Nation’s SDGs around the world. Click above to see past projects and find out how you can apply. Donate today to support environmental action projects.

Fleet Farming is an urban agriculture enterprise created and operated by IDEAS For Us that takes unconventional lawn spaces in urban areas and converts them into abundant micro-farms. This initiative was scaled from a single action project into a full program. Through its educational and community events, Fleet Farming empowers all generations to grow food and connect with their community. Currently exclusive to the Orlando, FL area. Click here to view the full website.