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IDEAS For Rwanda was founded in 2017 after John Bosco Gakumba became the fifth IREX Fellow to IDEAS For Us and traveled to Orlando, Florida for a four-month immersion program from August to December of 2016. The United States Department of State specially selected him as a candidate and IDEAS selected him for the program. John is from Kigali, Rwanda and when IDEAS lead an expedition there in July of 2017, a branch at KLM University in Kigali was rapidly established. IDEAS For KLM is a University branch of IDEAS in the capital city of Kigali.

The official and current IDEAS For Us – Rwanda Branch was created by Keneth Bahati and Richard Manishimwe on 25 sept 2017 in Kicukiro district kanombe sector remera cell. It started with 7 members who shared ideas and the way they can spread over the country.

The branch has had the challenge of very few resources, but has found success in realizing projects such as community garden installations, waste management, Umuganda action days, and more.

Events and Projects

IDEAS For KLM has focused on the Ecology and Waste Pillars in the action projects they have conducted. This includes trash clean-ups and tree plantings for children at schools who are faced with food insecurity.

2019 Action Project Plan

Project 1: Tree planting

    • Objective 1: Commercial value
      • Goal 1A: trees as money-earners for citizens
      • Goal 1B: plants as resources for materials and food
    • Objective 2: climate change reducing from tree as natural CO2 filtration
      • Goal 2A: improve air quality
      • Goal 2B: reduce amount of atmospheric pollution

Project 2: Food security

    • Objective 1: Community garden installations
      • Goal 1A: increasing home-cooked meals sourced from small local farms
      • Goal 1B: varied use of ¬†vegetables
    • Objective 2:¬†wastes management
      • Goal 2A: reuse of plastics and other materials
      • Goal 2B: Ecological protection

Click here to read the full proposal

Get Involved

The IDEAS Hive meeting occurs twice a month on Sundays 16:00- 18:00 (4 PM to 6 PM).

Please reach out to [email protected] to connect with the current leaders OR follow IDEAS For Us – Rwanda on Facebook to learn more.


IDEAS For Rwanda and the subsequent branches are run by extraordinary individuals. Our country director is Kennith Bahati.

Kenneth Bahati ([email protected])

Richard Hus B ([email protected])

Akshal Kamali ([email protected])

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