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About This Branch

IDEAS For Us – Guinea was founded in 2018 after Francois Phopho Kamano became the ninth IREX Fellow to IDEAS For Us and traveled to Orlando, Florida for a four-month immersion program from August to December in 2018. The United States Department of State specially selected him as a candidate and IDEAS For Us selected him. Please reach out to Contact@ideasforus.org and we will connect you with the current leaders of IDEAS For Us – Guinea. Click here to follow IDEAS For Us – Guinea on Facebook.



IDEAS For Us – Guinea is headquartered in Gueckedou, Guinea and is lead by Francois Phopho Kamano.

Address: Community Leadership Institute West Africa. Lambanyi, Conakry, Guinea

Country code +224

Environmental Challenges

  • Deforestation in rural regions
  • Soil erosion because of hydroelectric facilities, mining, and pollution
  • Water pollution because of improper waste disposal, 35% of people do not have fresh water and there are water-borne diseases
  • Wildlife reduction due to of hunting and poaching


Please reach out to Guinea@ideasforus.org and we will connect you with the current leaders in their respective cities OR follow IDEAS For Us: Guinea on Instagram and Facebook.


The Guinea Branch Leader is Fancois Kamano and he can be reached by email at the following email address: guinea@ideasforus.org

Support Action Projects in Guinea

Project 1: IDEAS Hive Support

Goal: Promoting climate action and spreading awareness regarding global warming by engaging locals to learn more about sustainability, and funding support is needed to keep these discussions occurring on a frequent basis.



Objective 1:  Connect more than 500 volunteers, students and community leaders to join the IDEAS Hive meetings once per month.

Objective 2:  Form action projects on a frequent basis to help mobilize activists living in the local community!

Project 2: School Educational Garden

Goal: Growing a garden in a local community center or low income school can help inspire the next generation of produce growers. Fresh produce is in a high demand but jobs in coal and mining take away from the agricultural workforce.


Objective 1:  Educate more than 200 students a year with local gardening workshops.

Objective 2: Provide fresh produce to the local school/ community center pantry to be a resource for residents in need.

Project 3: Shoreline Planting to Avoid Erosion

Goal: Erosion due to sea level rise and tourism is taking a tole on the local waterways in Guinea. By planting native plants, the process of erosion can be slowed down tremendously with hope of even reversing the side effects of these challenges.



Objective 1:  Plant more than 1,000 aquatic plants along the shoreline in the city Conakry.

Objective 2:  Mobilize more than 200 volunteers to participate in the planting, to spread awareness of theses challenges for future action.

Previous Projects

Margaret J. Wheatley once said “There is no power for change greater than community discovering what it cares about.” Community is the foundation on which all great change is built upon. This is why at IDEAS For Us we seek to encourage and uplift one another to protect the environment in which we live and love. ⠀

Here in Guinea, Francois Phopho Kamano is working with a women group to promote vegetable gardens and fight hunger. In doing this, we are actively supporting SDG Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere.


Let’s support the strong men in sustainability! Here in Guinea, we have an amazing team of both men and women to bring environmental awareness and ecological action projects into their home country. Today, we are celebrating the men who fill their hearts with love for nature and show kindness through their hard work and dedication every day!



IDEAS – Guinea plans to have Hive meetings every month! Contact our branch leader Francois or fill out the form below to learn more about upcoming events in Guinea.

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