Projects To Be Funded

Project 1: UCF Campus Fruit Tree Planting

Objective 1: Plant fruit trees on the UCF campus

  • Goal 1A:  Help spread awareness on food insecurity on campus as well as the proper information needed to glean and care for fruit trees in Florida.
  • Goal 1B: Bring access produce to the UCF Pantry to help support produce accessibility to low income students.

Project 3: Solar Competition

Objective 1: Recently, 100 photovoltaic panels were donated to this branch for an action project

  • Goal 1A:  Engage students on campus to learn about renewable, and clean alternatives to  energy.
  • Goal 1B: Connect the engineering students and general audiences looking to engage  in a competitive project with materials funded through this project proposal below.

Project 3: Waste Audit On Campus

Objective 1: Dumpster dive and complete a waste audit to turn in to UCF to see a full scope of their waste management and recycling practices.

  • Goal 1A:  Spread awareness on proper recycling protocol on campus.
  • Goal 1B: Submit the audit paired with proper signage and social media promotion to alter behavior on campus.

About IDEAS For Us - University of Central Florida

IDEAS For UCF is an integral part of IDEAS For Us serving on the largest college campus in the nation. Our branch is a registered club of UCF that seeks to make our campus sustainable as we educate, engage, and empower our students to become better stewards to the earth.

We welcome you to join the organizing team which meets twice a month or attend an on campus monthly meeting called the IDEAS Hive which takes place every First Thursday of the month from 5 pm – 7 pm . For more information, please email: [email protected].

Go Knights!

Top Environmental Challenges

  • Nutrient run off on fertilized lawns
  • Lack of awareness on campus about climate change
  • Lack of recycling awareness on campus
  • Need for sustainability focused discussions to engage students
  • Decrease in species conservation and deforestation

Get Involved

Please reach out to [email protected] to learn more about our upcoming events and see if you can get active by joining our organizing team! 

Branch Leader

Kristin Anderson is the leader of the IDEAS For Us: UCF branch and with her organizing team, they are able to create monthly action projects in Energy, Water, Food, Waste and Ecology. Contact her directly: [email protected]

Previous Projects

IDEAS For Us – UCF focuses on environmental advocacy through education, action and awareness. First, we work on environmental education by seeking to guide our fellow students on ways to live a wholesome and sustainable lifestyle. We also strive to engage students in environmental action through projects that are based on achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Finally, we wish to create a space for students and teachers to collaborate and discuss on campus action  projects that will bring us closer to our Carbon Neutral and Zero Waste goals.


Hope for Homeless: Homelessness in Orlando is devastating and it can be difficult to witness these individuals daily, and wanting to help but not knowing how. To solve this issue, we are hosting a workshop to build kits for homeless individuals that you can keep in your car to hand out to people in need. These kits will include; a hygiene kit, granola bars, first aid supplies, and a pamphlet on how they can seek help. We will also be discussing the negative stigma that homeless people hold, and the many ways people end up in these situations. Come out on June 12th from 5-7pm and get equipped on how to help your community!

Where: UCF Live Oak Ballroom

Garden Volunteering at the UCF Creative School for Children: IDEAS will be volunteering at UCF’s Creative School for Children, revamping the existing garden created by the Arboretum and Wellness and Health Promotion Services (WHPS). Assisting this project is Jonathan Carr, the Sustainability and Food Production Coordinator for WHPS. He organizes many food re-purposing programs within that UCF’s Creative School for Children, and is working with other organizations to do the same. Come on out on June 26th from 5-7 pm and get your hands dirty for the community!

Where: UCF Creative School for Children Community Garden

July HIVE; Environment and Society: On July 2nd from 5-6 pm we will be hearing from Dr. Richard Plate, an environmental studies professor, on the delicate and complicated relationship between society and the environment. We will be discussing how we interact with the planet, then run a think/do tank where we will brain storm how we can work to heal this unhealthy relationship in our community. Come share your ideas!

Where: UCF Live Oak Ballroom

Independence from Waste; Beach Clean Up: Join us to clean up the post Independence Day waste and enjoy the summer sunshine on July 7th from 9-11. If you are interested in carpooling, please email [email protected] Help us keep our oceans clean! Bring a bag and gloves if you need some.

Where: Lori Wilson Part, Cocoa Beach.


IDEAS For Us initiates a collaborative relationship between many like minded clubs and organization that work towards achieving sustainability. We have so far obtained symbiotic connections with UCF RSO’s such as Knights for Marine and Wildlife Conservation, Knights for Animal Rights, Pride Student Alliance, Campus Peace Action, and Global Economic and Environmental Opportunity. We also have connections with outside organization such as U-Konserve and ReGrained. IDEAS For Us is open to building a relationship with any group wishing to promote environmental advocacy.

Thank you to our donors, Earth Easy.

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