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Support Action Projects in Liberia

Project 1: Tree Planting

Objective: Plant various native and fruiting trees throughout Liberia while mobilizing all generations to participate in climate action projects.

  • Goal 1A:  Combat soil erosion by planting fruit trees that will also provide fruit to the villagers.
  • Goal 1B: Help reduce the heat island effect while contributing to the local micro climate.

Project 2: Clean Up and Recycling Awareness

Objective: Pollution is a challenge in many remote areas in Liberia, but providing materials to support frequent clean -ups will spread awareness while diminishing the waste clutter on rural streets.

    • Goal 1A: Purchase materials to help facilitate community clean ups which will inspire residents change their behavior and get accustomed to recycling.
    • Goal 1B: Connect with local schools and universities to bring students into the experience, giving them a sense of ownership in the neighborhood.

Project 3: IDEAS Hive Support

Objective: Promote climate action and spread awareness on global warming is the top priority of IDEAS For Us. The future generation will be engaged in learning more about sustainability.

  • Goal 1A:  Connect more than 1,000 volunteers, students and community leaders to join the IDEAS Hive meetings once per month.
  • Goal 1B:  Form action projects on a frequent basis to help mobilize activists living in the local community!

About IDEAS For Us - Liberia

The Branch leader, Stephen B. Lavalah, is a community organizer, team leader, public speaker, lawyer,
environmental justice advocate, passionate climate activist, and an ocean champion dedicated
to ensuring greener, safer, healthier, and cleaner environmental for all. He spent his
formative years in the dark green forest of northern Liberia, where he grew affection for
nature. Years later, his family moved in the heart of Liberia’s capital and lived in the densely
populated slum of Buzzy Quarter situated near the Atlantic Ocean. His upbringing inspired
him to take practical actions in helping to ensure liveable environment, drinkable water,
breathable air, consumable food, cleanable energy, and habitable oceans. Stephen holds a
Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) degree from the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law of the
University of Liberia. He is also a distinguished alumnus of the prestigious Cuttington
University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science (BSc.) degree in Biology, Certificate in
Peace and Conflict Resolutions, and a Master’s degree in Public Health (MPH).

In 2013, Stephen became the first U.S. State Department Exchange Fellow from IREX to
work for IDEAS For Us. Equipped with knowledge and skills, Stephen returned to Liberia
and established IDEAS For Liberia contextualizing IDEAS’ five pillars of sustainability in
the areas of energy, water, food, waste, and ecology. IDEAS For Liberia is working to
institute the HIVE; create Clean Cook Stoves for women; Energy Access Talks to bolster
desire for renewable energy; Water Defenders to stop the abuse, misuse and pollution of
water; Organic School Gardens to promote sustainable food production; Environmental Clubs
to foster environmental education that focuses on reduction, reuse and repurposing of waste;
lower the carbon footprint and increase biodiversity through Green Spaces, Reforestation and
Mangroves Restoration. In partnership with Youth Exploring Solutions, IDEAS For Us will
continue to work on projects and programs in the areas of environmental conservation,
sustainable development, human rights, education, health and agriculture.

Top Environmental Challenges

  • Tropical rain forest deforestation
  • Over- harvesting leading to soil erosion and soil degradation
  • Species loss of biodiversity
  • pollution of coastal waters from oil residue and raw sewage

Get Involved:


Please reach out to [email protected]and we will connect you with the current leaders in their respective cities OR follow IDEAS For Liberia on our Facebook or Instagram to learn more.



Branch Leaders

Stephen B. Lavala is the leading member of IDEAS For Us: Liberia branch. He is a community organizer, team leader, public speaker, lawyer, environmental justice advocate, passionate climate activist, an ocean champion dedicated to ensuring greener, safer, healthier, and cleaner environmental for all. To contact him directly, please email [email protected] or fill out the form below to receive our newsletter!


Past Events

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Upcoming Events

Mobile Hive Think / Do Tank!

Inaugural Hive:

Join us as our guest motivational speaker discusses the importance of volunteering in order to solve some of the most pressing issues in the community through collective efforts. We will then put everyone into break out sessions for an more in depth discussion on the pillars of sustainability. This platform will enable the community to brainstorm on the challenges being faced in the areas of energy, water, food, waste and ecology. Join us for this great opportunity to offer your practical solutions as to what the community should do to solve the problem outlined, what the local authority and government should do, and what IDEAS For Us – Liberia needs to do to help community members.

The Branch Manager, Steven Lavalah, will also be showcasing the new version of the HIVE, the Mobile HIVE!

When: Saturday, September 5th, from 10 AM to 12 PM
Where: Mack Kollie Hill Community, Johnson Township, Montserrado County, Liberia

Youth Hive:

A HIVE meeting for students that will serve to inspire them to take actions in the areas of energy, water, food, waste and ecology.  This meeting will discuss establishing an environmental club to work on various initiatives outlined during the HIVE such as planning the upcoming action project of planting 50 fruit trees of 5 different species.  This meeting will mobilize young people to become leaders in environmental action using different advocacy tools to discourage people for filling in the wetlands.  Over time, reward will be given to the diligent students with a certificate of appreciation and name such students as “Environmental Justice Ambassadors”.
When: Friday, September 25th from 10 AM to 12 PM

Where: 15-Gate Community, Careyburg District Rural Montserrado County, Liberia


Eco Action Day!

Clean Up and Tree Planting Day

Join us as we turn trash to treasure and work to clean up our community to create a green space for recreational purposes! This event will serve to inform, inspire and involve the community in undertaking environmental action projects such as cleaning up the community and plating trees.  Together, we will allocate a portion of land to establish a green space for nature to strive and recreational activities. In this designated are we will plant 100 coconut trees at 7 areas identified by the community leadership.

When:  Saturday, September 12, from 9 AM to 11:30 AM

Where: Mack Kollie Hill Community, Johnson Township, Montserrado County, Liberia



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