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Project 1: Tree Planting

Objective: Plant various native and fruiting trees throughout Liberia while mobilizing all generations to participate in climate action projects.

  • Goal 1A:  Combat soil erosion by planting native tree root structures as well as have the opportunity to provide fruit to the villagers.
  • Goal 1B: Help reduce the heat island effect while contributing to the local micro climate.

Project 2: Clean Up and Recycling Awareness

Objective: Pollution is a challenge in many remote areas in Liberia, but providing materials to support frequent clean -ups will spread awareness while diminishing the waste clutter on rural streets.

    • Goal 1A: Purchase materials to help facilitate community clean ups which will help residents change their behavior and get accustomed to recycling.
    • Goal 1B: Connect with local schools and universities to bring students into the experience, giving them a sense of ownership in the neighborhood.

Project 3: IDEAS Hive Support

Objective: Promote climate action and spread awareness on global warming as the top priority of IDEAS For Us. The future generation will be engaged in learning more about sustainability.

  • Goal 1A:  Connect more than 1,000 volunteers, students and community leaders to join the IDEAS Hive meetings once per month.
  • Goal 1B:  Form action projects on a frequent basis to help mobilize activists living in the local community!

About IDEAS For Us - Liberia

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Top Environmental Challenges

  • Tropical rain forest deforestation
  • Over- harvesting leading to soil erosion and soil degradation
  • Species loss of biodiversity
  • pollution of coastal waters from oil residue and raw sewage

Get Involved:


Please reach out to [email protected]and we will connect you with the current leaders in their respective cities OR follow IDEAS For Liberia on our Facebook or Instagram to learn more.



Branch Leaders

Stephen B. Lavala is the leading member of the IDEAS For Us: Liberia branch. To contact him directly, please email [email protected] or fill out the form below to receive our newsletter!


Previous Projects

More information coming soon.

More information coming soon.

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