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Support Action Projects in Uganda

Project 1: Vertical School Garden

Objective: Promoting our food pillar in urban communities. We ask IDEAS For Us to help us fund raise to create 200 Vertical Farms in 2019 to improve beneficiary food security and incomes, in Kasese Municipality, Kampala city and Wakiso District towns, as well as improving IDEAS visibility.

  • Goal 1A:  Impact more than 1,200 individuals by bringing fresh produce into the community paired with educational programming.
  • Goal 1B:  Composting 28,800 kgs of biodegradable municipal waste by December 2020 which will minimize local food waste.

Project 2: Farmer Irrigation Systems

Objective: Plan to create a mini-irrigation project to provide water and fertilizer from fish to improve crop harvests in Kiburara community, Kasese District,Uganda. This community has a problem with dry weather conditions but near a water system. with two flowing rivers. 

  • Goal 1A: Have this project represent a demonstration that will directly benefit 50 households economically and nutritionally.
  • Goal 1B: Plan a crop planting to  start utilizing the irrigation demonstration site coordinated by skilled Agricultural extension workers from IDEAS For Uganda VMG networks, as guides to the local farmers.

Project 3: Mobile Medical Center

Objective: In response to the above health challenges, IDEAS For Uganda in partnership with Mase medical Foundation plan to organize one mobile clinic per month in Eastern and Western Uganda, benefiting between 500-1000 people per clinic.

  • Goal 1A: In every four months, we shall identify between 500 to 1000 malnourished children in every region and enroll them for further specialized health service provision with other health service providers in Eastern and Western Uganda.
  • Goal 1B: Decreased levels of malnutrition  in the targeted districts as per government annual reports that will finally lead to increased active school going children.

About IDEAS For Us - Uganda

IDEAS For Uganda was the first international branch of IDEAS For Us. Originally based in Kampala, the capital city, IDEAS For Uganda has now spread to dozens of primary and secondary schools across the country where students and community members come together to launch action projects.

Intellectual decisions on environmental awareness solutions for Uganda (IDEAS For Uganda) is a self-governing organization and extension of the IDEAS Movement, guided by the efforts of IDEAS For Us, an official 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization in the United states and accredited by the United Nations. IDEAS For Uganda is legally recognized in Uganda and mandated to operate in the whole country.


IDEAS For Uganda as well as IDEAS at large stand to; educate, engage and empower people of all ages in humanitarian and environmental sustainability through research, awareness and actions. We focus on the following pillars: Wastes, water, Food, Energy and ecology. Health and Poverty eradication are key cross-cutting issues we are promoting too.

Top Environmental Challenges

  • Pollution in Lake Victoria
  • Deforestation which will lead to forest erosion (woods have been reduced by two thirds)
  • Decrease in fish stock due to over-fishing practices
  • Poaching- leading to severely critical / endangered species in the region
  • Wetlands have been drained for agricultural usage
  • Uganda’s water supply is threatened due to industrial pollution

Get Involved

Please reach out to [email protected] and we will connect you with the current leaders in their respective cities OR follow IDEAS For Uganda on Facebook to learn more and check out the Instagram here.

Branch Leaders

Founded in 2012 by Masereka Adidas, Matovu Paul, and Sinamakosa Isaac, IDEAS For Uganda has grown to be our largest international presence on the African continent.

Projects implemented since 2012- 2014

  • 3 Meetings with Busoga cultural leaders.
  • Eight(8) Executive meetings
  • Two sports gala competitions in Kasese and Budongo
  • One(1) Youth Day celebration in Kayunga district
  • Tree planting In Kayunga,Kisoro,Kasese,Kamuli,Mukono,Mulago in Kampala, Mubende
  • Awareness campaigns on Afforestation and wastes management.
  • Baseline surveys in schools for World Energy project.
  • Participation in the Launch of Makerere University climate change centre.
  • Disaster response visits in Bududa and Kasese.

Projects implemented since 2014- 2016

  • Two (2) Chapters’ leadership Hand over ceremonies.
  • Support visits to chapters by Directors and Regional coordinators.
  • Five(5) Chapter call conferences
  • Consultative Meetings with Government officials in Bududa, Kasese, Mpigi, Kampala and Kamuli Districts.
  • Twenty one (42) Clean ups in Kampala, Kasese and Kamuli Districts.
  • Four Partnership meetings with Eng. Max of Moringa Research Farm-Egypt.
  • Participation in two (3) World forestry, and two (2) World tourism days celebrations.
  • Attending Conferences like; Forestry conference at Hotel Africana, SASA conference at hotel Africana, Climate change conference by USAID,  Waste management conference by KCCA

Projects implemented since 2016-2018

  • Composing three (4) songs on environmental sustainability by the IDEAS music crew.
  • Climate change resilience presentation in Kiboga District and to Bugolobi secondary school chapter in Kampala.
  • Participating in Trash on your back campaign in Kampala.
  • Printing of 500 IDEAS For Uganda T-shirts.
  • Printing 600 flyers with environmental awareness messages, supplied in Kampala, Kasese and Kamuli Districts.
  • 2 Radio Talk shows on Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) in Kampala and Kamuli broadcasting services in Kamuli-Eastern Uganda about environmental conservation by our Eastern region coordinator.
  • Two(3) IDEAS For Uganda board meetings

Events and Projects

IDEAS For Uganda has conducted over 30 projects in all five pillars of sustainability in more than a dozen cities across the country. Their work has won awards, including the Holt Prize for a vertical gardening system aimed at helping refugees grow food in confined spaces.

Click Here to View IDEAS For Uganda’s 2019 Project Proposal

Click Here to View IDEAS For Uganda’s Hive Event Schedule


In October 2011, A friend to Masereka Adidas in the United states of America in the names of; Wendy Noto got interested in researching about environmental challenges in Uganda focusing on water supply. Progressively, the discussion went beyond water to general environmental sustainability threats like deforestation, wastes, extreme seasons affecting food production and destruction of ecology.

Wendy Noto had interacted with some of the IDEASForUs leaders like Clayton Louis Ferrara, working on environmental sustainability focusing on five pillars of; water, wastes, ecology, food and Energy. Through Wendy’s network, Adidas befriended Clayton. The timing coincided with the Mabira forest deforestation saga in Uganda, and Clayton as an environmentalist got concerned. The friendship matured with time and Clayton suggested that Adidas opens an IDEAS chapter in Uganda where he promised necessary support.

Adidas Masereka as a medic could not stand alone in forming/Mobilizing Ugandan Youths to form an NGO. This made him contact Sinamakosa Isaac, a close friend that was already in the civil society sector. These duo partners started working on paper work funded by themselves and consequently hit the ground to mobilize communities beginning with Kasese District in Western Uganda, and Adidas since then has acted as a President/ED and Isaac as an executive advisor/Programs manager.

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