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Project 1: Menstruation Management Program

Objective: Provide materials to young girls in order to construct homemade sanitary pads to avoid missing school due to their menstrual cycles.


Project 2: Provide Latrines to Increase Sanitation

Objective: Due to recent natural disaster occurrences, there have been many villages left without access to clean water and bathrooms. This has lead to many individuals practicing open deification which this branch would like to stop.

Project 3: UN Nepal Health Corps

Objective: Mobilize 25 Doctors from Nepal into 25 villages throughout the nation to help bring medicine and health doctoral care into their communities.

About This Branch

IDEAS For Us – Nepal was founded in 2016 after Tika Ram “Santosh” Poudel became the third IREX Fellow to IDEAS For Us and traveled to Orlando, Florida for a four-month immersion program from August to December of 2015. The United States Department of State specially selected him as a candidate and IDEAS selected him for the program. Santosh is from Pokhara, Nepal and when IDEAS lead an expedition there in July of 2016, three branches were rapidly established. IDEAS For JMC, IDEAS For CMC, and IDEAS For Nepal.

Top Environmental Challenges

  • Pollution- Industrial and tourism based
  • Overpopulation- population growth and urbanization is changing farming priorities
  • Deforestation in urban and rural areas
  • Energy conservation and lack of access to renewable energy
  • Animal conservation- There is poaching for high valued items
  • Agro-biodiversity threat due to commercialization of agriculture

Get Involved

Please reach out to [email protected] and we will connect you with the current leaders in their respective cities OR follow IDEAS For JMC, IDEAS For CMC, and IDEAS For Nepal on Facebook and Instagram to learn more.

Branch Leaders

IDEAS For Nepal and the subsequent branches are run by extraordinary individuals. Our country director is Pradish Poudel and Tika Ram “Santosh” Poudel. Dipesh Grung is also a leader at large in the capital city of Kathmandu, Nepal. Email [email protected] with questions or comments.


IDEAS For Us: Nepal is dedicated to mobilizing volunteers to help facilitate climate action projects to mitigate pollution, help provide resources medicine so people can be healthy enough to tend to the environment, and combat other environmental challenges throughout the nation.


To get involved, sign up for the Nepal Newsletter below and contact our organizing team by emailing [email protected] for more information!

Events / Projects

IDEAS For Nepal has focused on Ecology and Waste projects in Pokhara and Kathmandu. Tree plantings, food forests, trash-clean-ups, and upcycling workshops have been the primary focus for the IDEAS For JMC branch, especially because they are stewards of Lake Phewa in Pokhara Nepal. In 2017, IDEAS For CMC (Chitwan Medical College) lead an expedition to Monrovia Liberia to team up with IDEAS Leader, Stephen Lavalah to hold a Dr.’s Without Borders Trip to help one of West Africa’s most needy communities.


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