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Project 1: Permaculture Project

Objective: Create a community permaculture garden that grows a large variety of different fruits and vegetables, providing fresh and nutritious food for locals.

  • Goal 1: Decrease the number of nutrient deficient individuals in Kenya
  • Goal 2: Improve the quality of the soil and water.
  • Goal 3: Educate the community on how to grow their own food.

Project 2: Human Wildlife Conflict

Objective: To cultivate bee hives along a fence that serves to protect a perimeter for elephants to keep them from dangerous areas while also providing fresh and local honey to the nearby community.

  • Goal 1: Improve elephant populations by keeping them in designated conserved areas.
  • Goal 2: Increase the number of pollinators by cultivating bee populations.
  • Goal 3: Provide fresh honey to locals.

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Project 3: Reforestation

Objective: Carry out a massive reforestation throughout Kenya.

  • Goal 1: Improve biodiversity, serving to help the ecosystems, and the quality of the air, soil and water.
  • Goal 2: Mobilize hundreds of youth volunteers in climate action. 

About this Branch

IDEAS For Us Kenya was founded in 2020 by young environmental leaders from WildNow Foundation, a conservation organization in Kenya that works to advance sustainability and protect endangered species. They are using the IDEAS model to expand their environmental education and action efforts in their community in the form of Hive meetings, tree planting projects, permaculture programs, and elephant conservation initiatives. They are working to mobilize young people in learning about our planet and taking action to save it!

Environmental Challenges

Climate change is accelerating the impact of existing environmental issues such as floods, drought and soil degradation. Other prevalent issues include deforestation, industrial pollution, and wildlife endangerment. Kenya’s economic and population growth makes it essential to take climate action in order to mitigate climate challenges in this community.

Get Involved

Please reach out to [email protected] to get involved with this branch and follow IDEAS For Us Kenya on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on upcoming programming.

Branch Leaders

Aaria Harania is a young climate activist, pursuing a degree in environmental studies from the University of Central Florida. Her passion for climate action and conservation has brought her diverse opportunities to participate in action projects, webinars and be a leader in the WildNow Foundation in Kenya.

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