Create A Team-Building Project!

Mobilize your group in a hands-on environmental action event to improve our planet, and team connection!

What is an IDEAS For Us Team-Building Event?

IDEAS For Us is an environmental solutions incubator with a mission of developing, funding, and scaling solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. We do this by leading eco-action projects across the world and are offering exclusive employee engagement events to host your group in a private team building program to heal our planet and foster team building. This program is offered throughout our Florida branches in the Greater Orlando, Tampa / St. Petersburg, and Miami areas.



Eco-action projects include hands-on experiences in creating: edible gardens, shoreline restoration, waste clean ups, solar energy projects, pollinator gardens, and tree plantings. If you have an idea for an environmental or team building project that is not on this list, just reach out to us and we would love to hear your idea.

Steps to Secure An Event With IDEAS

1. Submit the form at the bottom of this web page with all of your event preferences.

2. You will be contacted by an IDEAS For Us team member to confirm your project’s location, needs, and details. 

3. IDEAS For Us will create an invoice for your event.

4. IDEAS For Us & project lead will provide all of the tools, materials, and refreshments for your event.

5. Enjoy the event!

6. Photos will be made available to both parties for a job well done!

Employee Engagement Options:

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Vegetable Garden

Collaborate with IDEAS and their Fleet Farming Program to build a vegetable garden for your community members interested in growing food locally!
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Tree Planting

Work together with IDEAS to plant either Florida Native Trees or Edible Fruit Trees to help sequester carbon in your area!

Pollinator Garden

Work together with IDEAS to install a native flower butterfly garden to help support pollinators in need of nectar reservoirs all year long.

Shoreline Planting

Select this project with IDEAS to help plant around a retention pond or water body in your area to provide habitat while cleaning water around a shoreline in need.

Waste Cleanup

Help restore ecosystems and beautify our communities through trash clean ups! These can take place at the beach, wetlands, roadsides, parks, and wildlife areas.

Fleet Farming Work Day

Join Fleet Farming in a garden workday throughout our farmlettes, participate in weeding, harvesting and replanting while learning about growing food!

Environmental Workshops: Online and In Person

Engage your team in an educational online event or a hands-on environmental workshop!

  • Bee hotel and seed kit creations!
  • Packaging care kit items for women in need including personal hygiene, sustainable menstrual items, and other supplies needed. Serves women who experience human trafficking, homelessness, and more. 
  • Zero Waste Workshops where participants can create treasures out of up-cycled items.
  • Online Workshop focused on an environmental topic including;
    • Composting, regenerative farming.
    • At home gardening.
    • Environmental justice.
    • Sustainability audit of your home & office.

Let's Create Something Amazing

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