Companion Planting

According to Almanac, companion gardening is growing plants together for the benefit for one or both plants2. For example, those practicing this technique might plant flowers among crops to attract pollinators, benefiting the crops2.   Companion Planting Made Simple What are the benefits of companion planting? When grown in close proximity, there are a number of different interactions plants can have with one another. While some plants may support the growth of its neighbors, other plants may be detrimental to the growth of its neighbors by competing for resources, or attracting pests. For example, the Black Walnut tree releases a… Continue reading Companion Planting

What if mushrooms are the panacea that we have been looking for to solve the climate crisis?

“Mycorrhizal fungal networks are a major global carbon sink. When we destroy them, we sabotage our efforts to limit global heating”. For many years the world has been looking for solutions to solve the climate crisis. Significant research has been conducted to find solutions to global warming, but this time, the result is beyond all expectations. Mycologist and medical researcher Paul Stamet found that mushrooms play a large role in solving climate change by sequestering carbon. Previously it was thought that carbon was stored in forest floor waste, such as dead leaves and pine needles, but research like Stamets’ has… Continue reading What if mushrooms are the panacea that we have been looking for to solve the climate crisis?

Invasivorism 101

According to the Scientific American, invasive species are “any species introduced by human intervention that has caused economic or ecological damage by growing superabundant in a nonnative habitat2.” As invasive species proliferate and pose risks to their new environments, a new gastronomic trend has arisen – invasivorism.   What is Invasivorism? Put simply, invasivorism is the deliberate consumption of invasive species as a means to combat their overpopulation and the damages or risks that they pose to an environment or area. Joe Roman was a leader in promoting invasivorism as it was first introduced in his 2004 Audubon article “Eat… Continue reading Invasivorism 101

Panama Establishes “Rights to Nature”

In February of 2022, President Laurentino Cortizo of Panama signed into law a framework that recognizes the inherent rights of nature 1. After a year of debate at the Panama National Assembly 2, Panama now acknowledges nature’s rights to “exist, persist, and regenerate her lifecycles” 1, in a landmark decision, joining over 20+ countries with similar laws.   The Story of Nature’s Rights in Panama   Two years ago, a marine conservation biologist and National Geographic Explorer, Callie Veelenturf, realized the harmful effects of plastic pollution and fishing bycatch on the environment 1. Veelenturf saw that as long as nature… Continue reading Panama Establishes “Rights to Nature”

Ending Plastic Pollution: The 2022 UN Deal

On March 2, the United Nations Environment Assembly in Nairobi resolved to ‘end plastic pollution’ 1 in the “most significant deal since the 2015 Paris Climate Accord” 2. Why the Focus on Plastic Pollution? Each year, 353 million tons of plastic is produced around the world. Countries like the United States, China, India, and Japan are the greatest contributors to the issue, with close to 287 pounds of plastic being produced per person annually 1. Globally, 4.5% of greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to plastic production, according to the UNEP 3. Watch the UN’s Video Showcasing the Historic Moment:… Continue reading Ending Plastic Pollution: The 2022 UN Deal

Guide to Florida Environmental Summer Camps!

Summer is a great time to engage your little one in extracurricular learning. Whether it be a sports camp, art camp, or even an educational readiness camp – the options can sometimes seem overwhelming. We have done the research for you and have found 5 of the best environmental camps across Florida! They focus on education, eco-arts & crafts, games, activities, and more that foster a life long love for the environment. 1. Save the Planet Summer Camp | IDEAS for Us Orlando, FloridaSave the Planet Summer Camp is a 5-day educational camp in Orlando, Florida that engages children in… Continue reading Guide to Florida Environmental Summer Camps!

Acid Deposition and Industrial Activities: The Connection

Image of acid rain in the form of fog. Photo by Getty images1

What is Acid Rain? Acid rain, also called acid deposition, is a broad term that involves any form of precipitation with acidic properties.1 This includes rain, snow, fog, hail, and even dust. The components of acid rain are sulfuric and nitric acid.1 Forms of Acid Rain Acid rain can come in two forms: wet and dry. In wet form, acid rain can be rain, snow, fog, or hail. Dry acid rain consists of particles and gas.1 Dry acid rain lands on surfaces pretty quickly and reacts during atmospheric transport to form larger particles that can be harmful.1 Causes of Acid… Continue reading Acid Deposition and Industrial Activities: The Connection

U.S. Army Introduces It’s First Climate Strategy

On February 8, 2022, the largest branch of the United States military introduced its first ever climate strategy, signaling a shift in military operations to prepare for and adapt to a world affected by climate change. While the Army’s primary mission is to “fight and win the nation’s wars” (2), the climate strategy dually focuses on adapting to the conditions and risks associated with climate change and mitigating climate change by altering operations. Adapting to Climate Change For most, ‘climate change’ brings uncomfortable images of hot summers, melting sea and glacial ice, and drought. For the United States Army, climate… Continue reading U.S. Army Introduces It’s First Climate Strategy

How to Go Waste Free to Fight Your Climate Anxiety

How to Go Waste Free to Fight Your Climate Anxiety How to go waste free to fight your climate anxiety. What do you think creates a high quality of life?Lots of money? A nice car? A big house? Do extravagant vacations make the list?  In a society all about consumerism, we are taught life goals that are not sustainable. More than that, these goals contribute to climate change. Goals that are at odds with sustainability, like traveling the world in an airplane, may worsen climate anxiety. However, living a fulfilling life doesn’t depend on consumerism. You can be happy without… Continue reading How to Go Waste Free to Fight Your Climate Anxiety

Why should you Propagate Sustainable Development Ideas Online?

Sustainable development plays a vital role in any organization. As a business, you must commit to the environment and contribute towards it significantly. You can use your business channels, and social media handles to propagate different sustainable development ideas. You can create some static posts to show the criticality of sustainable development. Alternatively, you can also post some video content to ensure that your viewers are aware of sustainable development and know your brand is committed to sustainable development. If you plan to take the video content route, you must know how to edit a video and then promote it… Continue reading Why should you Propagate Sustainable Development Ideas Online?