The IDEAS Solutions Fund

About The IDEAS Solutions Fund

The IDEAS Solutions Fund is a microgranting program designed to fund pilot projects that advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) around the world. Organizations, individuals, students, and community leaders are invited to apply on a quarterly basis for mentorship and funding from IDEAS to help make their projects possible.

How IDEAS For Us Funds Environmental Action:

Every quarter, our IDEAS For Us International Branches submit project proposals that have a significantly positive environmental impact on their communities. Check out our impactful leaders around the world and donate to ignite action worldwide!

Seeding Mercy - Solutions Fund Success Story

Before & After

Support sustainable agricultural efforts in South Sudan by donating to Seeding Mercy, a former IDEAS Solutions Fund recipient. With just an initial donation of $1000, Seeding Mercy has been able to grow into a highly successful and productive non-profit social enterprise.

New Projects to be Funded

Liberia Solar Installation

Guinea School Garden Education

Ugandan Farmers Irrigation Install

Ghana Organic Farm