The IDEAS Solutions Fund

The IDEAS Solutions Fund is a microgranting program designed to fund pilot projects that advance the Sustanable Developmet Goals (SDGs) around the world. Organizations, individuals, students, and community leaders are invited to apply on a quarterly basis for mentorship and funding from IDEAS to help make their projects possible.

In 2015, we piloted the IDEAS Solutions Fund microgrant program by providing 5 grants to our African branches for funding small projects. Their results impressed and  inspired us to rise to launch The Solutions Fund in January of 2017.

Typically two times per year we receive applications and assess projects and programs based on their sustainability, scalability or replicability, impact, and their contribution to the SDGs. The Solutions Funding may open more frequently if there are specific cities, countries, or focus areas we are targeting. Solutions Fund micro-grants are awarded in amounts up to $1,000.00.

New 2019 Projects to be Funded

Romania Community Garden Build

Uganda Vertical Edible Garden

UCF Fruit Tree Planting

Rwanda Native Tree Planting

Guinea Monthly IDEAS Hive

Orlando Floating Wetland

St. Pete, FL Mangrove Planting

Liberia Solar Installation

Guinea School Garden Education

Ugandan Farmers Irrigation Install

Ghana Organic Farm

How To Apply For The IDEAS Solutions Fund Grant

Research the needs in your area

It is important to take time to survey the needs in your area. Each project must align with at least one of The Sustainable Development Goals of The United Nations to ensure that your project is impactful both for the environment and for mankind.

Projects can be anything from large scale clean ups of waterways (water), solar lanterns for a community (energy), tree plantings (ecology), sustainable agriculture projects (food), recycling or composting programs (waste) or an environmental project that serves a specific need in your community. Just make sure that your project has a clear plan to action.

Develop a Plan of Action

The application requires you to prepare:

  • A project plan of action (a detailed description of the project you’d like to complete, who would be involved, the steps of action needed, and who or what it will affect in the long term)
  • A project budget proposal (a detailed line by line list of all of the tools, materials, and labor needed to complete your project)
  • A picture to represent your project (either a before picture, picture of your team, or picture of the issue at hand like a stream you’d like to lead a group to clean up)

Submit a Formal Application

The IDEAS Solutions Fund is for action projects only. Applications have a higher chance of success if they submit an application that meets the following criteria:

● Solutions which address multiple Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets (some Solutions Fund Projects have addressed 12 of 17 SDGs)
● Solutions which address multiple community issues with one project or program
● Solutions which have plans to be scalable, replicable, or sustainable
● Solutions with outcomes/outputs which can be easily measured and reported on

The Solutions Fund Application is currently closed.