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Uganda’s Water Status


     Water is a necessary component of all living things and access to safe water is a basic human right. However, 40% of the global population experiences water scarcity, of which many communities in Uganda are included. The Republic of Uganda is considered a developing country and is facing a severe water crisis that stemmed from the stress of economic growth that occurred in Uganda over the past two decades. This economic growth put a strain on the land and resources in the area as more and more people migrated from rural areas to urban centers. 

28 million people lack access to clean, safe drinking water.


19% of Ugandans only have access to streams, ponds, and man-made wells as a source of drinking water, however, several unsanitary distributions of waste and chemicals have made these drinking water sources unsafe. Additionally, due to poor septic management, large amounts of human waste, soil sediment, fertilizer, and mud all make their way into the drinking water sources. According to the Borgen Project, “The water crisis in Uganda also results in 32% of Ugandans having to travel more than 30 minutes to access safe drinking water. The excess time that people spend on water provision hinders their ability to work, maintain the household and take care of children.” 

     Furthermore, children are often pulled out of school due to illnesses caused by a waterborne disease that causes health problems like diarrhea. In Uganda, over 25% of students will drop out of school because of water-related illnesses.


72% of the total population lives on less than $3.20 per day.




     Many initiatives have been undergone to combat the water crisis facing Uganda. IDEAS For Us has committed to providing clean drinking water for elementary school children at the Kiburara Primary School. Kiburara Primary School is a government-aided Primary Seven School, with a current enrollment of over four hundred Pupils. Kiburara Primary School was first established back in the 1970s and since then has had little to no access to sustainable clean drinking water and electricity.  

So what has IDEAS For Us done to support the Kibburara Primary School? 


     Starting back in 2021, IDEAS For Us- Uganda team, in partnership with the Nika Hosseini Foundation, has initiated a project to establish electricity and install an in-ground well for the school and its garden. Additionally, with support from the Nika Hosseini Foundation, the school has already gained electricity and water pumps. However, the project is not yet complete.

     IDEAS For Us – Uganda- has continued supporting the project in many ways. As of late IDEAS For Us has begun a fundraiser to raise the remaining amount of money needed to provide safe drinking water to Kiburara Primary School.  The money raised will be used towards the installation of eclectic extensions to charge the water pumps so that clean groundwater will reach the faucets in the schools for children to benefit from. 


Please donate to support our team in finalizing this project by the end of the summer, in time for the fall semester.

All proceeds will be going to the IDEAS For Us Uganda team. Donations are tax-deductible, and Facebook takes care of the donation processing with no fees.


Article by: Emilio Sanchez 

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