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Sustainable Communities Worldwide

While we’re not close to reversing climate change any time soon, we’ve all come a long way in becoming self-aware and striving to change our lifestyles to be more sustainable. In a recent study, 46% of US, China, and UK residents said that they’re doing all they can to live more sustainably. And, currently, 100+… Continue reading Sustainable Communities Worldwide

Bird-Watching for Kids: Top 5 Activities

Have you ever thought about how diverse a group of animals the birds are? They are one of the few that live on land, in the water as well as in the sky. Did you know that there are at least 10,000 different species of birds with new species being discovered every day? There are… Continue reading Bird-Watching for Kids: Top 5 Activities

Climate Action: The Perfect Storm is Upon Us

In 2020, President Biden ran on a campaign to “build back better,” and through the combined effect of the infrastructure bill, CHIPS Act, and the newly-passed Inflation Reduction Act, he may be able to do just that.   These pieces of legislation are not only Biden’s attempt to follow through on his campaign promise, but… Continue reading Climate Action: The Perfect Storm is Upon Us

Benefits of Native Landscaping

When it comes time to landscaping, you have many options. Naturally, it might be hard to know which plants are best for your yard. While professional landscapers advise that there are unlimited ways to design a garden, not all emphasize the many benefits of of native landscaping. No matter where you live, you can find… Continue reading Benefits of Native Landscaping

Start Your Own Nonprofit Organization

Are you looking for a way to spread awareness and protect the environment? If so, there’s no better way to do than to start your own nonprofit environmental organization. A non-profit organization is a special type of business that is exempt from paying taxes by the IRS. The reason for this is because the entire… Continue reading Start Your Own Nonprofit Organization

Uganda Water Aid

Uganda’s Water Status Uganda water aid is an important global issue since Uganda is in a water crisis. Water is a necessary component of all living things. So, access to safe, clean water should be a basic human right. However, 40% of the global population experiences water scarcity, of which many communities in Uganda are… Continue reading Uganda Water Aid

The Sustainability of Green Laundry

sustainability of green laundry

Green laundry is a topic everyone should consider, whether you do all of your laundry yourself or whether you get some clothing laundered by outside services. In the face of increasingly intense climate calamities, more people and industries have acknowledged the reality of climate change and have started to “go green” within their own practices.… Continue reading The Sustainability of Green Laundry

Overfishing, Conservation, Sustainability, & Farmed Fish

      As with many other aspects of government policy, overfishing and other fishing-related environmental issues are a real problem. However, government intervention may not be the most effective solution. Surprisingly, it might be one of the main drivers of overfishing and other conservation and sustainability issues stemming from commercial fishing. Much like drone fishing, this… Continue reading Overfishing, Conservation, Sustainability, & Farmed Fish

How To Start an Edible Mushroom Garden

When talking about mushrooms, the main thought that comes to mind is the safety of consumption of these fungi. There are many types of mushrooms. However, only a few are edible and can be used in your culinary endeavors. So, we are going to cover the tips to start an edible mushroom garden and understand… Continue reading How To Start an Edible Mushroom Garden

How to Get Involved in Eco-Activism

Raising a family in times of climate change can often feel overwhelming. The recent COP26 conference failed to unite all nations in the fight against global warming. Meanwhile, short-sighted policies draw us ever closer to a climate disaster. Understandably, this may cause you to experience serious eco-anxiety.   However, it’s worth remembering that the fight… Continue reading How to Get Involved in Eco-Activism

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