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The Sustainability of Green Laundry

Green laundry is a topic everyone should consider, whether you do all of your laundry yourself or whether you get some clothing laundered by outside services. In the face of increasingly intense climate calamities, more people and industries have acknowledged the reality of climate change and have started to “go green” within their own practices.

Some laundry delivery services have committed to doing their part to help the environment heal. To work for laundry sustainability, we must consider all aspects of conservation for laundry, including reducing water and energy consumption, focusing on environmentally-friendly processes, and using eco-friendly laundry solutions.

You can find out if a laundry service provider observes best environmental practices by asking them about the following:


Laundry Equipment Should Be Eco-Friendly

Laundry services should use energy-rated washers and dryers. New equipment models reduce energy usage by 50% and 80% on water consumption in every laundry operation.

In terms of dry cleaning, laundry shops that use self-contained dry cleaning machines are the best choice. It is an eco-friendly machine that collects, condenses, and distills PCE fumes for reuse or proper disposal.

Laundry Bags Should Be Waste-Free

It is best to choose laundry shops that use biodegradable bags or garment bags than clear plastic bags. Although having this type of laundry bag is a value-added service, some give it for free. Moreover, this practice encourages customers to bring their laundry bags.

Detergents Should Be Free of Harmful Chemicals

Several commercial laundry shops use detergent and fabric softener with harmful chemicals because they are cheaper than eco-friendly ones. But laundry shops should invest in eco-friendly detergents.

You can weigh your options by the “Safer Choice”¬†label. The Safer Choice label is a seal that guarantees the product’s performance, quality, and
eco-friendly ingredients.

Remember, harsh chemicals on your laundry detergent and fabric softener do not only harm the environment but also your health.



green laundry


Final Takeaway

Traditional laundry services are wasteful with water and energy. Knowing what we know about how we must protect the environment today, we must ensure our laundry service providers are doing their best to be green, reduce their consumption of natural resources, and use natural detergents and softeners.

Thus, laundry service providers can be green and help their customers to strive for sustainability and conservation, too.

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