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Eco Friendly Phone Cases

Eco Friendly Phone Cases: Why You Should Start Using Them

Eco Friendly Phone Cases. Today, more than ever, we need to protect the environment. The planet is telling us: ‘Enough!’ Over the past few years, our planet was on fire: California, Australia, Amazonia. All those places have burnt because of global warming generated by humans’ daily habits. Every day tons of plastic waste ends up in landfill or the sea, worldwide

But plastic does not only harm human beings but animals as well. Turtles, whales, birds, and many other species die eating our plastic pollution by accident.  The thing is, plastic is so present in our life that we don’t even notice it anymore. It composes pretty much all our daily product such as: 

  • Kitchen utensils 
  • Plastic cups
  • Plastic bottles
  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic packaging

…And even phone cases! 

Oh, I know what you think: ‘Plastic phone cases are the last thing we should worry about. But they are something to worry about, and now it’s time to make the switch to eco-friendly phone cases.  And this is why: 

The Problems Plastic Phone Cases Cause…

People love phone cases. They are considered a fashion accessory, especially by teens and young adults. Everyone forgets that they are made of plastic, which means they can’t degrade. 

In other words, if you chuck your plastic phone case in nature, there is a good chance that it is still going to be there- intact- in a few years… It won’t disappear. 

But even worse: 

  • They contain harmful chemicals
  • They release dangerous chemicals 
  • The number produced is not sustainable.
  • Producing them increases CO2 and global warming

Just to give you some numbers: nowadays, the planet counts 3 billion mobile phone users. 

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But wait…

Out of these users, 80% of them are using phone cases. So if I’m not wrong, nearly 2.4 billion phone cases are being used while I am writing this post. 

And this number doesn’t even include people that have multiple phone cases. Now, I understand people want to keep their phone safe, but at what cost? Why sacrifice the planet when there are eco-friendly alternatives out there? 

In the next part, I will show you how you can make a difference! 

Eco Friendly Phone Cases

Switching to eco-friendly can be pretty challenging; there are so many options available. But you need to be careful; some companies promote their products as eco-friendly when they are not.  So to avoid you falling into this trap, I put together a practical guide you can use to choose your next eco-friendly phone case.

When it comes to picking an eco friendly phone case, there are four factors you should consider: 


It may sound obvious, but it is the first thing you should check. You need to make sure that the material used to make your phone case is eco friendly. The best material for phone case are: 

  • Bamboo
  • Bio-Plastics 
  • Cork

So ideally, you want your case made with one of these materials. 



You’ve probably heard about BPA before. This is an organic compound found in most plastic products. Why should you stay away from it? Exposure to this material can cause harm to your body and lead to severe consequences such as: 

  • Obesity 
  • Memory issues 
  • Learning abilities problems

This is why I think you should reduce your exposure as much as you can from BPA.


Designs & Size

Size is another factor that sounds evident, but too many people get it wrong. If you don’t watch out for it, you’re going to end up with a phone case that doesn’t fit your mobile phone, which is a waste of money. The phone cases’ design is one criteria that motivate people to buy these items and the protection they procure. 

Eco-friendly phone cases usually have great designs with an extensive range of colors available, so everyone can find the case that suits their style the best. 



Compostable and biodegradable products are not equals. Compostable items are a lot more eco-friendly since they are actually good for the environment. 

Why? Well, because they can be turned into compost- unlike some “biodegradable products.” So if you can find a compostable phone case, go for it! It’s the best eco-friendly option available on the market. Now you know what elements to consider before buying an eco-friendly phone case, it’s time to look at your options. 


Recommended Brands

Finding a reputable and respectable eco-friendly brand seems to be an impossible mission. Some brands use ‘greenwashing’ and claim their products as eco-friendly when they are not, just to boost their sales and make more money. No matters what the consequences are on the environment. 

So to help you find your first ecological phone case, I selected two brands that you can trust: 



Reveal is, without a doubt, one of the best options out there. Their phone cases are made with cork leather. 

What’s excellent with cork is that it’s a renewable material, so it doesn’t negatively impact the planet. It also has natural shock-absorbing qualities that keep your phone well protected against drops. Plus, they have stunning designs available! 

But wait, it gets better… Cork also has water-resistant qualities that protect your phone from the rain.  





Pela is also an excellent eco-friendly alternative. Their phone cases are made by flax shiv, which is the waste of wheat that farmers don’t use. 

Lucky for the planet, Pela doesn’t like waste. They had the great idea to turn this material into high-quality mobile protection. 

Their objective was to use organic materials to meet ASTM D6400 (compostability rating) standards. But that’s not all. Not only their phone cases are compostable, but they also have stylish and sturdy designs. You can rest assured your phone will be perfectly protected against drops. 

If you’re not convinced by any of these brands, you can check out more eco friendly phone cases here. 


Wrapping Up

So there you have it—all the reason why you should switch to eco-friendly phone cases. 

It is not only good for your body and mind but also the planet! 

With all the alternatives available, you don’t have any excuse to waste more plastic. 

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