Solar Energy: 10 Reasons to Adopt It

Solar Energy: 10 Reasons to Adopt It

Solar energy. Currently, solar power is all the rage; therefore, I am sure you have heard about all the advantages of tapping the sun to meet your daily energy requirements. And with all the world’s governments doing everything possible to reduce their carbon footprint, then it’s about time you did your part. And one of the best ways to reduce your company’s carbon footprint is by adopting solar power. After all, going green is mandatory if we plan on preserving the world for future generations.

Adopting solar energy can be quite beneficial to numerous industries, including the construction sector. Most of the machinery used in the construction industry uses fossil fuel which is harmful to the environment. So here are a few reasons why you should switch to solar power.

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Reasons Why You Should Adopt Solar Power

  1. Solar Is Great for the Environment

More than two-thirds of the world’s global carbon dioxide emission that has caused global warming was produced by fossil fuel. And one of the industries that use diesel and electricity to power numerous machines is the construction sector. Therefore, YourEnergyBlog suggests that you switch to solar energy if you want to lower your company’s carbon footprint. After all, solar is 100% clean, and switching to solar energy can help improve the environment.

  1. Solar Energy Can Reduce Overhead Costs

Powering your machines using electricity and fuel can be quite costly for your firm. Therefore, switching to solar can help you reduce one of your firm’s major overhead expenses. Electricity energy cost tends to be quite high for most companies and switching to solar energy can help lower your monthly expenses.

  1. You Can Still Use Your Electric Tools in Places That Are off the Power Grid

This might surprise most folks, but some places are not connected to the power grid. And working in these places with your electric tools can be quite challenging, especially when your batteries run out. But with solar energy, your work can continue smoothly and with the advancement of our technology nowadays power banks are tools that we can rely upon due to its portability.

  1. You Will Never Have to Worry About Power Blackouts

Blackouts can interrupt your work and prevent you from meeting your deadlines, which is not ideal for anyone working in construction. After all, most of the jobs are referrals, and taking more than the required time to finish a project can taint your company’s reputation. But with solar power, your workers can continue working uninterrupted and even finish the job on time without affecting the environment.

  1. You Can Receive Numerous Tax Benefits

Despite the fact that the initial investment of a solar system is high, it can start repaying itself immediately, thanks to the several tax credits. The federal government allows all businesses that have adopted solar power a 26% rebate on their solar power investment. You can also enjoy numerous tax credits like the SRECs (solar renewable energy credits) from the local government. This means that you can recover the installation costs while enjoying its numerous benefits.

  1. Little to No Maintenance Needed

In most cases, the repairs are normally covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. And the main maintenance that you will have to worry about is ensuring that the panels are free of debris and dirt. So you should be ready to rinse the panels with water at least twice per year.

  1. Protection Against the Ever-Rising Energy Costs

One of the main benefits of switching to solar power is the ability to hedge yourself against the ever-increasing energy bills. In fact, in the last decade, the cost of electricity has increased by an average of about 3% every year. But with solar energy, you can fix your rate and protect your business against the unpredictable electricity cost.

  1. Solar Panels Have a Very Long Lifespan

Installing solar panels is the best method for meeting your energy requirements. And once you install your solar system, you will enjoy an uninterrupted power supply for over two decades. After all, solar panels have a lifespan of more than 20 years. 

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  1. You Could Earn Some Cash

If the law in your state allows it, you can supply the surplus electricity to the power companies and earn some cash. This means that solar energy can do more than help you save some cash; it can also earn you some money every month.

  1. You Will Never Have to Worry About Power Surge Damages

An electrical power surge can overload and damage the circuit board of your office. The spike in voltage can also damage all the electrical devices and appliances in your office or at the site. And in some cases, it can even cause electrical fires. But with solar power, you will never have to worry about power surge damages.

Final Thoughts

Solar energy is a great investment that can serve your firm for more than two decades with little-to-no maintenance. And despite being quite costly to install, it will repay itself in no time, thanks to the numerous tax credits you will get from the government. And if that is not enough, installing solar panels will protect the environment by lowering your carbon footprint.

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