Action Project Archive

Changing The World Through Local Action

IDEAS For Us (IDEAS) is active in both developed and developing nations. Every project and program we launch shares the collective aim to help people, heal the planet, and grow prosperity at the community level through the education, engagement, and empowerment of those we serve. Since 2008, we have taken action in 30 counties and engaged thousands of volunteers worldwide.

Reusable Sanitary Menstrual Pads For Girls in School in Malawi


  • 160 Women Recipients
  • 800 Menstral Pads
  • 25% decrease in school absences


Solar Lanterns for School Children in Democratic Republic of the Congo


  • 250 Lanterns Distributed
  • 500 Students Involved
  • 30% decrease in school absences

Planting 10,000 Trees Across Togo


  • 10,000 Trees Distributed
  • 200 Volunteers Mobilized
  • one acre¬†can sequester about 2.5 tons of carbon annually

Constructing a High School in Boude, Togo

Computer Training for Women and Girls in Iraq

School Farm to Sustainably Feed Children in Uganda 2017

Women’s Integrated Piggery Project in Uganda 2017

Improving Sickle Cell Disease Awareness in Uganda 2017

Ceramic Water Filter Installation in Uganda 2017

Overcoming Food Insecurity with a Sustainable Urban Agriculture Program in Uganda 2017

Humane Chicken Rearing and Soil Amendment Vocational Training Program

Vertical Microgardening Pilot in Uganda 2015 & Expansion 2017

Reforestation of Kasese District through the Establishment of a Tree Nursery in Uganda 2015

Enhancing Aquaculture Development on Lake Edward in Uganda 2015

First Rural Makerspace to Teach Programming, Digital Literacy, and Upcycling in Nigeria 2017

Break the Razor Addressing Female Genital Mutilation in Nigeria 2017

Rehabilitation of a Shallow Well in Caws Qurun in Somailia 2015

Construction of Latrines for IDPs in Somalia 2017

Fostering Sustainable Food Production in Liberia 2015

Cookstove Insert to Reduce Wood Consumption and Respiratory Illness in Ghana 2017

Orphanage Fruit Orchard in Ghana 2017