5 Products To Improve Your Home Sustainability

Home sustainability is a wonderful goal to work towards. It is a way to protect both you, your family, and the environment. Living in a sustainable home means working towards living off grid. Living off grid may not be an ideal long term choice for you, but getting closer to off grid can lessen your exposure to the dangers of an ineffective grid. Additionally, if a severe weather event comes through and prevents you from getting power and water, the tip below can keep you and your family safer. Invest in a Water Filter In the event that your well… Continue reading 5 Products To Improve Your Home Sustainability

Teaching Our Kids to Be Zero Waste

Most of us learned about a zero waste life during adulthood. But if you have kids, there’s much value in teaching them about a zero waste lifestyle and how to apply it.  For kids, it can be a bit challenging to do this. Children are exposed to so many influences like the media and their friends. They will want to buy toys, school supplies, and other knick-knacks that they might otherwise not need. But, it’s not impossible. Here are some tips for teaching your kids how to apply zero waste.   1. Understanding is the Key You should never underestimate your child’s… Continue reading Teaching Our Kids to Be Zero Waste