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Support Environmental Action Projects in over 14 Countries on Giving Tuesday! Help Fund IDEAS For Us! GET INVOLVED!


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EcoPreserve: Rethinking Sustainability

Not long ago, sustainability was a term reserved for eco-friendly trendsetters and environmental activists. Now, with global warming on the horizon and at the forefront of public health discussions, the concept is mainstream, inseparable from our daily activities. But sustainability extends far beyond us—and the environment. It involves every aspect of our lives, including technology,… Continue reading EcoPreserve: Rethinking Sustainability

Clean Energy for Orlando

This week, Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) will hold two community forums, where customers will have occasion to air demands for transitioning Central Florida to clean, renewable energy. The first one will take place on Jan. 14, at Engelwood Neighborhood Center, and the second on Jan. 16, at The Pavilion at Avalon Park. OUC, the 14th… Continue reading Clean Energy for Orlando

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