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Eco-Action Highlights

Projects To Be Funded

Project 1: Waterway Cleanup

Objective: Combat the pollution of plastics and styrofoam along the critically polluted shorelines along the bayous and beaches of St. Petersburg.

Project 2: The IDEAS Hive Programming

Objective: Create a space for environmental education free to the community, spreading awareness on environmental issues and engaging individuals in finding local solutions to global problems.

Project 3: Native Tree Planting

Objective: An increase in local urban populations in St. Petersburg has lead to heightened levels of CO2 being expelled into the atmosphere and polluting the sea air. By increasing the native tree canopy, you can sequester thousands of tons of  carbon in an urban city.

    • Goal 1A: Plant 200 trees within the city limits of St. Petersburg each year.
    • Goal 1B: Educate the local residents looking forward to participating in the local environmental movement while fighting air quality challenges.

About IDEAS For Us - St. Petersburg FL

IDEAS For Us expanded into St. Petersburg, Florida in October of 2018. As one of our newest branches, we are excited to grow our presence in the city by organizing an IDEAS Hive meeting each month.

We are proud to have the support of St. Pete For Good.

Top Environmental Challenges

  • Toxic algae blooms due to heavy nutrient run off
  • Loss of habitats and deforestation
  • Waste water flooding due to population increases and lack of infrastructure
  • Lack of clean energy within public utilities
  • Decrease in native species from urbanization and development

Get Involved

Each month, the IDEAS For Us: St. Petersburg branch meets on the first Monday evening at Iberian Rooster to engage in healthy dialogue regarding environmental solutions with the hope of bringing the community together to develop solutions to combat these issues. These think-tank meetings are called the IDEAS Hive and you can learn more by visiting the Facebook Page: IDEAS For Us – St. Pete.

Branch Leaders

IDEAS For Us – St. Petersburg is lead by Hannah Miller,  an environmental advocate dedicating her life to climate action. To contact them, please reach out to [email protected]

Previous Project Highlights 2018-2019

Bayou Clean Up: In December 2018, Hive volunteers in St.Pete worked together to clean the shore of Big Bayou at Grandview Park thanks to our sponsor St.Pete For Good. We collected 136.4 lbs of trash and recyclables from this sensitive mangrove habitat!

The Big IDEAS Garden Installation: IDEAS For Us is excited to create an edible garden with the Urban Regeneration Station! The garden is in the shape of a light bulb to honor “bright ideas” for growing local food and creating regenerative environments.

Energy Action Project: In February, we welcomed Dana Whipple from Green House Solar and Air to come speak on the topic of how solar energy works and opportunities to engage in the solar energy movement in St.Pete. We learned about all of the solar panels in local parks and schools, and created our own version on eco-homes. Join us next month for a month all about sea turtles!




IDEAS For Us – St. Petersburg is conducting its monthly IDEAS Hive event at Iberian Rooster on the first Monday of every month from 6:45pm – 9PM.

* All in-person events are suspended until further notice. Join our virtual events on Facebook.

The IDEAS Hive is a think-tank meeting bringing people together to engage in open dialogue about environmental challenges while developing projects to combat issues with climate action!

We are excited to push forward sustainability in the city through local action projects.

Watch Replays of Past IDEAS Hive Live Events

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