The Florida Wildlife Corridor

Habitat loss and fragmentation are some of the primary causes of declining plant and animal populations. The Florida Wildlife Corridor protects almost 700 different plant and animal species by conserving and connecting habitats all over the state. This includes the mighty Florida Panther, The West Indian Manatee, and the Gopher Tortoise. This blog dives into… Continue reading The Florida Wildlife Corridor

Spooky Animals in Florida

With Halloween around the corner, you’re probably seeing some pretty spooky decorations. These trinkets and trimmings often feature animals found in your own backyard. Bats, spiders, snakes— maybe you’ve wondered how these animals came to be known as harrowing Halloween mascots. IDEAS For Us is here to show some appreciation to the spooky animals right… Continue reading Spooky Animals in Florida

The Florida Panther: FL Native Animal Series

The first animal to be featured on a Florida Native Animal Spotlight Series is an obvious choice: Florida’s own state animal, The Florida Panther! The Florida Panther is a subspecies of the mountain lion. They are a large, tan cat with a unique crooked tail and a patch of fur like a cowlick on their… Continue reading The Florida Panther: FL Native Animal Series

What are Umbrella Species?

The concept of umbrella species was first proposed by ecologists as a way to manage ecosystems and protect the needs of many species by focusing on protecting the needs of just one species- this species’ needs encapsulate many others, like an umbrella (Roberge & Angelstam, 2004). This strategy simplifies management and monitoring efforts. Doing this… Continue reading What are Umbrella Species?