Key West Just Banned Popular Sunscreens and Here’s Why

The city of Key West, one of Florida’s most visited cities, has joined Hawaii and the country of Palau to ban sunscreen lotions with the chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate in efforts to protect their own coral reefs. Oxybenzone and octinoxate are commonly used chemicals in most popular, store brand sunscreens. The ban had been approved by the City of Commission from a 6 to 1 vote in February 2019, where it will go in effect on January 1st 2021. The decision was based on multiple studies and research on chemicals in sunscreen and their effects on the coral reefs. Hawaii… Continue reading Key West Just Banned Popular Sunscreens and Here’s Why

Sustainable Development and Economic Growth

One of the longest ongoing debates in the world of economic trade, politics, and human growth involves the evolution of sustainable development. What is this sustainable development? Can it create jobs? Reduce the poverty line? Or will a company go bankrupt once sustainable policies are enforced? The economy and its monetary flow are consistently used as the lead priority to influence the current cultural and economic decisions made by some big American corporate brands and politics. While other international institutions, such as the EU, believe moderation and regulation of resources based on scientific backings would be the true directive in… Continue reading Sustainable Development and Economic Growth

Mount Everest’s Trash Reaches the Clouds

Avid hikers and mountaineers will have to begin thinking twice before climbing the largest mountain in the world. Not just because Mount Everest has an elevation above 29,029 ft (8,848 meters) and temperatures go much below zero degrees, but past climbers have been leaving garbage in measurements of tons on base camps and routes. Furthermore, the issue does not simply lie within the climbers, but also with the lodgers around the mountain who burn toxic pits of garbage. In the case of Mount Everest’s trash, proper methods of recycling or disposing of waste are not deemed financially viable or are… Continue reading Mount Everest’s Trash Reaches the Clouds