Alternative Milk

Alternative Milk Alternative Milk. Since ancient times, milk has been extracted and consumed by humans. Chocolate milk has always been a personal favorite, but not with just any milk. Cow’s milk is old school, alternative milk is the up and coming health trend and could be the perfect way to start off your day and… Continue reading Alternative Milk

Eco-Friendly Makeup

Have you ever thought about what really makes up your makeup products? Have you ever thought about why people are shopping for eco-friendly makeup?   Take a look at the makeup you use daily, is it in plastic packaging, does it list dozens of chemicals you don’t know?    Chemical exposure, pollution problems, and animal… Continue reading Eco-Friendly Makeup

Fracking in Florida: What To Know

What the Frack Florida! Fracking vs. Environmentalists has been a long fought battle for years over the fracturing of the Earth for resource gain. So, do environmentalists have a fighting chance in finally defeating fracking in Florida? Now, let’s dive into the history of fracking to learn more and make your own determination. What is… Continue reading Fracking in Florida: What To Know