Toxic Wastelands: A Look Into Superfund Sites

Born From Tragedy In the 1970s the quiet community of Love Canal, Niagara Falls, NY, garnered national attention when chemical sludge began seeping up from the Earth. Kids came home with chemical burns after playing outside, basements flooded with noxious water, babies were born with birth defects and cancer rates soared1. As a result, residents… Continue reading Toxic Wastelands: A Look Into Superfund Sites

The Benefits of Community Fruit Trees

Spanning from the Keys’ sandy beaches to the mossy panhandle, Florida provides a unique environment for a variety of fruit trees to flourish. Planting fruit trees can be a rewarding personal or community effort. Not only do fruit trees provide a delicious and nutrient dense crop, but growing them locally fosters a deeper appreciation for… Continue reading The Benefits of Community Fruit Trees

Coping With Climate Anxiety

Environmental activists and scientists alike often experience bouts of overwhelming climate anxiety. These feelings can be both paralyzing and difficult to deal with. Luckily, the field of psychology which examines climate anxiety is growing, giving it greater legitimacy and introducing new tools for coping. Books like Sarah Jacquette Ray’s A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety… Continue reading Coping With Climate Anxiety

The Fight for Florida’s Springs

On Feb. 23rd 2021, the fight for Florida’s springs took a turn. The Suwannee River Water Management District board voted in favor of renewing a permit allowing Seven Springs Water Co. to continue pumping water from Florida springs. Seven Springs, which owns Ginnie Springs and the surrounding land, pumps this water to the High Springs… Continue reading The Fight for Florida’s Springs