Costa Rica Plans to Eliminate Emissions by 2050

President Carlos Alvarado Quesada has set out to eliminate emissions, making Costa Rica the first zero-emissions country as the threat of climate change continues to increase. Costa Rica’s small population of roughly 5 million is not a large contributor to the world’s climate crisis. Therefore, the President received backlash when he announced his ‘Zero-Carbon Plan’ back… Continue reading Costa Rica Plans to Eliminate Emissions by 2050

Celebrity Environmentalists

Leonardo Dicaprio Actor Leonardo Dicaprio has used his renowned celebrity platform to bring awareness and public attention to the most pressing environmental issues. In 1998, he founded the Leonardo Dicaprio Foundation to combat climate change, protect vulnerable species, and propose innovative solutions. He has donated at least $30m to the cause, hoping to advance the… Continue reading Celebrity Environmentalists

Enforce Policies, Preserve Forests in Romania!

Romania’s Carpathian Mountains are amongst Europe’s most sacred and impeccable lands, providing a home to approximately 65% of the European wildlife population. Bears, wolves, and wildcats are the dominant species that reside in this region and rely on the of prosperity of their forested habitat for survival. The commercialization of Romania’s timber has led to… Continue reading Enforce Policies, Preserve Forests in Romania!