Circular Economy: Closed Loop Waste

What Is Circular Economy? Circular economy aims to “close the loop” is an economic system that reengages waste products into resources used for new products, services, and applications. This method is an ulterior to linear economy.  Linear economy depends on single use items while circular economy aims to reuse items as much as possible. The… Continue reading Circular Economy: Closed Loop Waste

Salvage This: Recycling Gone Wrong

Florida’s recycling goal by 2020 was to have 75% of all trash be recycled. With 2020 here, Florida has fallen short of that goal. In 2019, Florida’s recycling rate was at 49%, way below the intended 75% (1). Florida consists of 67 counties and as of 2019, only 2 out of the 67 achieved that… Continue reading Salvage This: Recycling Gone Wrong

Environmentally “Woke” Music

Songs From Celebrities About Climate Change Music is power. A power that has the ability to connect millions of people around the world. In recent years of the climate crisis, music has been used by progressive artists to mobilize individuals into climate activism. Innovative musical art brings awareness to relevant environmental issues from America to… Continue reading Environmentally “Woke” Music