Deep Sea Mining

Deep Sea Mining Deep sea mining. Is it an environmental resource or a disaster? The practice has become a controversial topic in recent years. Some believe it is a great alternative to terrestrial mining, which is now on the decline. Others say the damage could outweigh the good.    Scouring the Deep: What is DSM and… Continue reading Deep Sea Mining

Heat Waves in the United States

What Causes Heat Waves? A heat wave happens when there are three or more days of unusually high maximum and minimum temperatures1. Heat waves are caused by a system of high atmospheric pressure moving into a certain area2.To be considered a heat wave, temperatures have to be outside the historical average2.  2021 Heat Waves in… Continue reading Heat Waves in the United States

Coral Bleaching: Why It’s An Issue and Ways to Stop It

Coral reefs, the “rain forests of the sea,” are a vital part of the biodiversity seen on this planet. Because, these large structures are home to many diverse species who depend on them for survival. What is Coral Bleaching? Coral bleaching is the process of coral expelling the symbiotic zooxanthellae (algae) living in their tissues1.… Continue reading Coral Bleaching: Why It’s An Issue and Ways to Stop It