Mangroves in West Africa

More than 15 species of mangrove inhabit both East and West Africa and contribute greatly to the diverse ecosystem. Mangrove forests are found in 10 of the 17 West African countries, including Senegal and Nigeria1. Globally, one fifth of all mangrove forests have been lost since 19802. In Western Africa, the decline has been especially… Continue reading Mangroves in West Africa

Sustainable Businesses To Know About

Restaurants: Dandelion Communitea café: The Dandelion Café, located in Orlando, Florida, uses sustainable practices to support local business and provide their patrons will healthy and delicious food. The café follows three simple guidelines, which they say are their first steps towards “Saving the World.” The steps include “Cultivating an enlightened, vibrant and healthy community; Nourishing… Continue reading Sustainable Businesses To Know About

Conservation Now…There Is No Plan Bee

What Is Pollination? Pollination can be understood as a mutually beneficial process3. Simply put, pollinators are animals that transport pollen from one species of flower to the same species of another flower. This transfer of pollen between flowers allows for the reproduction of more flowers, ensuring new plants will soon grow. Not only do flowers benefit from… Continue reading Conservation Now…There Is No Plan Bee

Strength After Ebola In Gueckedou, Guinea

How It Started In 2014 Ebola broke out in western Africa. Years after the outbreak, African countries such as Guinea are still overcoming the epidemic. Gueckedou, a town located in Guinea, was among those greatly affected by the outbreak. In the face of this challenge, they have shown great strength after ebola effected their society.… Continue reading Strength After Ebola In Gueckedou, Guinea