Let’s Re-Think Retention Ponds

As a Floridan it’s not unusual to see bodies of water on your commute to work, walking through your neighborhood or even by/on your school’s campus. It’s most likely that these small waterways are man-made structures put in place to maintain stormwater runoff. In other words, these waterways are more than likely a retention pond.… Continue reading Let’s Re-Think Retention Ponds

How to Shop with Zero-Waste

Everyone has a favorite supermarket they like to go to. Here in Florida, ask anyone and they can tell you a specific Publix that’s their Publix they absolutely love visiting for all their grocery needs. What if there was a way you can reduce your carbon footprint from a trip to the grocery store? Single-Use… Continue reading How to Shop with Zero-Waste

Solar Powered

Solar power or solar energy is quickly becoming an inexpensive renewable resource. However, how do solar panels necessarily work and what are the benefits of switching from grid power to solar power? The Science Behind Solar Panels Solar energy is an ingenious discovery made in 1839 by Alexandre Edmon Becquerel. Essentially, the sun emits radiation… Continue reading Solar Powered

Spring Break Beach Blues

Florida is known for its beautiful white sandy beaches, making it a hot destination for college students during spring break. Of course, the extra influx of people is a great economic boost to the cities and surrounding towns, but it’s how these students treat the beaches that have made city officials try to deter as… Continue reading Spring Break Beach Blues