Orchid Delirium and Conservation

Orchid Delirium and Conservation Orchid Delirium and Conservation. Why are Florida orchids so special? Florida is an incredibly bio-diverse state that is capable of fostering all sorts of life sufficiently. Florida’s original native orchid population has been destroyed through the encroachment of civilization. It’s hard to believe that there was once a time where these now rare Florida orchids could be found much more frequently in Florida. Because these plants become highly specialized to live in their regions Orchids can experience the many effects that can be caused by environmental change, fluctuating water levels, and even changes in biodiversity. In addition… Continue reading Orchid Delirium and Conservation

10 Edible Invasive in Florida

10 Edible Invasive in Florida 10 Edible invasive in Florida. Invasive plants are one of the main reasons biodiversity in Florida is on a steady decline. These invasive species are often able to outcompete native plants, animals, and even insects for essential resources whether that is food, shelter, or other basic needs. Biodiversity refers to the range of species within a specific ecosystem or habitat. Preserving the natural biodiversity of an ecosystem can aid in preventing soil erosion,  preventing pests and disease, maintaining soil health, and even promoting plant pollination. Forage For Invasive Edibles A great way to examine the… Continue reading 10 Edible Invasive in Florida

Florida Native Plant Spotlight: Duckweed

Duckweed is the focus of this Florida Native Plant Spotlight. When we think of ways in which we can help the environment we often overlook some of the smallest plant tools to make an environmental change. Common amongst most bodies of freshwater around the world it is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to the environment, authors of “The Duckweed Genomes”4 state in their book that Duckweed can be used for carbon sequestration, Biofuels, and Environmental remediation. What is Duckweed: Maxing out at one-centimeter20 Duckweed has shown promise because of some specific characteristics including being fast-growing which led to the… Continue reading Florida Native Plant Spotlight: Duckweed

The Ecology of the Orlando Wetlands

The ecology of Orlando is vast and intertwined in a very fragile manner. Just outside of Orlando, Florida lies 1,650 acres of land dedicated to hiking, biking, wildlife viewing, and most importantly advanced water treatment. The regular visitor may be surprised to know the Orlando Wetlands is one aspect of City of Orlando’s elaborate water treatment facility. The man-made ecosystem utilizes naturally occurring processes to reduce the amount of nitrogen and phosphorus in the water. The plants and animals that call the Orlando wetlands home not only contribute to the diverse ecosystem, the state park also absorbs more, carbon than… Continue reading The Ecology of the Orlando Wetlands