Day: February 15, 2023

  • What Does Biochar Do?

    What Does Biochar Do?

    How does it help farmers? Burning organic material, like wood or plant waste, in a low-oxygen atmosphere produces biochar, a type of charcoal. It is a type of soil amendment that has been used for ages by indigenous people in places like the Amazon rainforest. Due to its potential to lessen the effects of climate…

  • Environmental Education Games: Eco-Trivia!

    Environmental Education Games: Eco-Trivia!

    Environmental Education is Fun Recently, IDEAS For Us hosted a rousing round of Eco-Trivia in partnership with Orlando Science Center at Ivanhoe Park Brewery. Our environmental education questions, generated by our team of scientists, educators, and pop-culture consumers, challenged even Orlando’s eco-elite. Trivia games about the environment are increasingly popular. These games educate players about…