How Climate Change Can Impact Your Coffee Fix

Rolling mountain slopes filled with the red cherries of coffee fill the eye. A light fog comes in, and you hear the call of birds. What do you do on a typical morning? If drinking a cup of coffee comes to mind, you aren’t alone. Americans drink 88.8 gallons of coffee per year (1). But… Continue reading How Climate Change Can Impact Your Coffee Fix

Pollution, Classism, and Racism

by Maria Oswalt

Pollution, Classism, and Racism Pollution, Classism, and Racism. Environmental Justice In 2020 IDEAS FOR US did an interview with five panelists, Bryan Parras, Yudith Azareth, Taylor Morton, Catherine Flowers, and Kevin J Patel, who were from Zero Hour which is a youth climate activism organization. The organization believes in fighting for the right to thrive… Continue reading Pollution, Classism, and Racism