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Develop your skills in the renewable energy field with a free solar workforce certificate program! Learn from solar experts through quick and comprehensive online courses, and earn certificates for up to 6 courses and one hands on experience. Each module will cover a different topic in solar energy, all designed to equip you with the information you need to enter the solar industry. No matter what your educational background is, you can participate in any or all of these certificates. For those who complete the certificates, we will be offering an exclusive networking event with real solar companies. 

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The deadline to complete the course is June 19th.

About the Program

IDEAS For Us is teaming up with 15 Lightyears to educate the next generation of solar installers! We are offering FREE educational classes and events that offer exclusive certificates in solar energy. All courses are offered separately, you can achieve between 1 and 7 certificates based on your interests in the field. Six of the courses are offered online, and the final certificate will be given at an in person solar installation at Infinite Zion Farms in Orlando. The program will end in late May with a networking event involving participants and companies in the solar industry.

About Our Partners

15 Lightyears is a Florida Energy Company designing and installing solar to businesses and homes since 2012. They are a certified B Corp company acting as the lead educators of the Solar Workforce Training Program.

solar workforce training

Solar Workforce Training Schedule benefits are:

Scope of Work

  • Develop hands on learning opportunities for students or field days
  • Download curriculum and videos for hybrid learning
  • Provide Outlets and Networking opportunities for students

Outline of Curriculum

  • Example Jobs
  • The Solar Interview – Dos and Don’ts
  • Solar Design – Softwares and Expectations – Simple Roof Design – Partner with
  • Design Software Team
  • Safety 101 – Basics of Roof and Electrical Safety
  • Solar Racking and Panel Mounting – Types of Racking and Mounting
  • Panels types and overviews – Commercial vs Residential – Tier of Panels and what it means
  • Solar Electrical Basics – DC/AC – Types of Interconnections – Types of Inverters
  • Hands on experience in solar installation.

Certificates Offered

*Offered online throughout the month of April. Flexible hours for you to take courses at your own pace.

Learn the basics of solar design and learn about the important factors that need to be considered when creating a solar system. This includes variables like the amount of energy needed, the amount of space available, and the layout of the property.

Dive into the varying types of panels and the benefits of each kind. This will include discussing the Commercial vs Residential Solar Panel Difference, and panel types like Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, PERC, and Thin Film Solar Panel Variations.

This certificate covers Solar Power AC / DC, the basics of interconnections, and the need for inverters.

This section covers the basics of solar racking and panel mounting and the varying types including Rail-based Ballasted, Anchored, Standing-Seam, Corrugated Roof, Fully-railed, Shared- rail, Rail- less, and Flush Roof.

Hear from solar companies on the Do’s and Don’ts in the interview process for solar companies.

Learn the basics of safety processes in the solar installation process and electrical engineering.

Solar Installation Certificate at Infinite Zion Farms

Get hands on experience by executing a solar installation with 15 Lightyears at Infinite Zion Farms (address linked here), an urban farm working to localize food systems in Orlando. This will be an all day event in May to provide in person experience for participants of the certificate program. *You do not have to do the other courses to be involved in this event*.

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