Orange County Sustainable Communities Grant Nomination

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Nominate your Organization or HOA for an Eco-Action Project Partnership

IDEAS For Us and The Orange County Neighborhood Services Division is interested in partnering with several organizations for the Orange County Sustainable Communities Grant!

By submitting the form below, you are nominating your organization, Neighborhood Association or Homeowners Association to partner with IDEAS For Us to apply to this Orange County Sustainable Communities Grant for any of the eco-action projects listed below.

Goals of the Orange County Sustainable Communities Grant:

  • Beautify Orange County through environmentally focused projects.
  • Support creative ways to bring people together and mobilize volunteers for a hands-on learning experience.
  • Educate residents on the importance of climate resilience and ecological systems.

*We encourage you to share the proposal documents per project below with your group to begin the conversation of a sustainable project with IDEAS For Us in your area!


Eco-Action Projects to Choose From


Collaborate with IDEAS and their Fleet Farming Program to build a vegetable garden for your community members interested in growing food locally!

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Work together with IDEAS to plant either Florida Native Trees or Edible Fruit Trees to help sequester carbon in your area!

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Work together with IDEAS to install a native flower butterfly garden to help support pollinators in need of nectar reservoirs all year long.

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Select this project with IDEAS to help plant around a retention pond or water body in your area to provide habitat while cleaning water around a shoreline in need.

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Qualifications for the Orange County Community Grant

In order to satisfy the Orange County Sustainable Communities Grant, your organization must be able to sign waivers/media release forms for any attendees so photos and videos can be taken during the volunteer event. There must be a primary contact that can be responsive during the grant writing process as well as the grant implementation and data collect/reporting process from beginning to end. You must be able to provide photos of your nominated location as well as addresses and additional information about the volunteers/ community members interested in getting involved.

Nominations will be first come first serve and there is no guarantee all nominations will be satisfied. Selections will be based on eligibility and project deliverables. Please keep in mind, all County funded sustainability project ideas will have to be approved by EPD or the Sustainability Office before we can move forward. The guidelines for the grant require 3 separate quotes for grant consideration unless IDEAS For Us can be considered the only vendor that can complete the project.