Farming & Greenhouse

Become a Farming & Greenhouse Intern

Interning for the Fleet Farming program is ideal for someone who is passionate about local, organic food and interested in furthering their experience in the field of plant production. Interns will assist on location with seeding, weeding, tending to plots, and harvesting. Through the program, the intern will learn about sustainability, installing micro farms, seeding, cultivating edible plants, installing drip-irrigation, time management, effectively working in groups, community outreach, and much more.

Applicants should be eager to learn, hard working with a positive attitude, and have a sense of humor. All duties & responsibilities listed below are facilitated under close observation through a mentor-trainee relationship.

Preferred Qualities:

  •         Some experience in working with plants
  •         Ability to learn quickly
  •         Positive attitude, sense of humor is a plus
  •         Strong teamwork skills
  •         College student


  •         Assist in planting and harvesting weekly
  •         Maintaining plots (implementing integrated pest management, natural weed control, etc.)
  •         May assist in installing new micro farms and drip-irrigation systems
  •         Set up and assist at a local farmer’s market 1-2 times a month
  •         Attend 1 monthly Swarm Ride with the Team and Community
  •         Commuting with Farm Manager to/from micro‐farms via bicycle with trailer
  •         Additional tasks that may arise to carry out the success of the program

If you are interested, please submit an application on the previous page here.