Corporate Social Responsibility

What is a CSR Member:

A CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Member is a Business (LLC, Inc., B Corp) that has pledged to donate a minimum of $1,000 annually to IDEAS For Us and in return, a strong partnership is formed to bring awareness to the sustainability focused inititives backed by this business leader in the community.


What do companies receive when supporting IDEAS:

When a company supports IDEAS for Us annually, the benefits include knowing exactly how their tax deductable funds are being spent and having the option to take part directly in environmentally focused initiatives throughout their local community. Every dollar sponsors an environmental solutions project that a CSR member can participate in with staff for a fun team building oportunity. 


CSR Membership benefits are:

  1. 501 (c)3 tax-write off & Receipt
  2. Company/Business logo posted on IDEAS CSR Page (w/link back to company page)
  3. Certificate of Support for 2019
  4. Featured in IDEAS PodCast & Resulting Blog Article
  5. Invites to CSR Member Only Events
  6. 20% Discount for IDEAS Fee Programs (i.e. SDGs For CSR Program)

The following companies have all pledged their support of IDEAS For Us by becoming Corporate Social Responsibility members. They are a worthy group of advocates of sustainability, climate action, and environmentalism. Join them in advancing our non-profit mission of advancing environmental solutions worldwide by becoming a CSR member today.