IDEAS Public Statement on Coronavirus

We are closely monitoring the current situation with COVID-19, this coronavirus outbreak. Here in Orlando, Florida, it is not yet as dire as it is in other places. We have 1171 confirmed cases in Florida and 45 in Orange County as of March 23. We’re sending all the love and positivity to our friends in Italy, China, Iran, South Korea, other nations, and even other states here in America. This is officially a global pandemic, which should be taken very seriously.

We are going to follow the lead of our local governments, both the City of Orlando, and Orange County. If they make a call to cancel all public gatherings and stay home to contain the virus, we will have to comply. This is what some other cities outside of Florida have been doing. Seattle and New York are among them.

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As of March 13, the city and county government are recommending that all events of 250 people or more be canceled for the remainder of March 2020, with possible extension based on how the situation progresses over the next 2 weeks.

The situation is advancing very rapidly. Every day and every hour we learn more and there are more changes on a local and national level.

As of right now, we plan to move forward with our April 2020 events, including the IDEAS Hive, the Climate Strike, and Golden Earth Night. However, we have to acknowledge the very real possibility that we will need to postpone or cancel some or all of these events. We will keep you posted if we do.

We are canceling the Fleet Farming Swarm Ride on March 22nd, and the Monday Farmers Market for the remainder of March 2020. We are canceling CSA produce pickups for at least the next two weeks. CSA members can be reimbursed if you email [email protected]

Everyone needs to make their own decisions at this moment, and care for yourselves and loved ones. Isolation is key to stopping the virus from spreading, but it can also lead to depression and other issues. We must be good to our neighbors and community.

All operations are suspended until further notice.

And on a broader note, I ask that you consider and remember this moment. The urgency and the reaction. We don’t know what lies ahead, but we know that we have a really good chance at prevailing and putting it all behind us. When that happens, do not let this be another thing that we forget about.

Let’s take on all the big problems we face with this amount of urgency and diligence. What is the point of saving humanity from a pandemic if we still have a climate crisis looming over us? Let’s vote and elect leaders that have the planet and the environment in mind with every decision. Let’s invest in climate action and fund full transitions away from fossil fuels and carbon emissions. Let’s plant trees, grow food, and protect animal habitats.

This moment is testing us and will test us even more. Let’s show that we can solve this crisis and the larger ones that lie ahead.

Thank you, and much love to all.

 – The IDEAS Team

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