We Are Neutral Carbon Calculator

Become Carbon Neutral

Working with We Are Neutral to calculate your carbon and put your money into offsets is real easy! Remember to use offer code IDEAS4US in the “Additional Comments” box in the form to support funding eco-action projects.

Step 1) Schedule a free consultation with the We Are Neutral team 

Step 2) Work with their team to translate your carbon footprint.

Step 3) They will work with you on telling your story and shifting your footprint into quantifiable impact!

About We Are Neutral

We Are Neutral is a 501(c)3 environmental nonprofit that helps businesses and individuals understand, reduce, and offset their comprehensive carbon footprints, giving them the opportunity to take responsibility for their environmental impact and achieve carbon neutrality. They accomplish this through environmental education as well as hands-on carbon reduction and offset initiatives.

Establishing businesses and individuals as carbon neutral leaders allow We Are Neutral to weave sustainability into existing frameworks while directly improving the communities around them.


How it Works

Partnership with IDEAS For Us

Not only will We Are Neutral pledge to give $1,500 for climate impact projects to IDEAS For Us annually, but anyone who visits their platform to become carbon neutral and uses the code (IDEAS4US) will see 10% of their payment go back to IDEAS and Climate Action Projects in the form of tree installations!

This is an incredible way to calculate your carbon footprint and give back to see boots-on-the-ground impact!

Contributions Will Go Towards:

Impact of The Partnership

Forests are essential to life on earth and currently cover 31% of the land area on our planet. They sequester carbon from our environment, produce oxygen, and provide wildlife habitat. However, many forests are bring devastated by deforestation worldwide!

Deforestation comes in many forms, including fires, clear-cutting for agriculture, ranching and development, unsustainable logging for timber, and degradation due to invasive species and climate change. This impacts people’s livelihoods and threatens a wide range of plant and animal species.

Currently, we’re losing 18.7 million acres of forests annually, equivalent to 27 soccer fields every minute. It is estimated that 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions are the result of deforestation.