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IDEAS For Romania was founded in 2017 after Alina Blaga became the fifth IREX Fellow to IDEAS For Us and traveled to Orlando, Florida for a four-month immersion program from August to December of 2017. The United States Department of State specially selected her as a candidate and IDEAS selected her for our immersion program. Alina is from Bucharest, Romania and when IDEAS lead an expedition there in July of 2018, we successfully heald an IDEAS Hive and funded three projects with the Solutions Fund.

Events and Projects

Waste has been a major focus of our work in Romania. We launched the #LastStraw campaign there and held three IDEAS Hive Workshops.  IDEAS is in the process of building an official branch in Bucharest.

Get involved

Please reach out to [email protected] and we will connect you with the current leaders in Romania.


IDEAS For Us – Romania is headquartered in Bucharest, Romania and is lead by Alina Blaga.



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