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IDEAS for Us | April 2, 2018

We Have Sustainability Swag!

By Torre Ippolito

We are on a mission to turn IDEAS into solutions that will solve the global environmental crisis but it wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of our donors! To say thank you to those who graciously donate to IDEAS For Us, we are giving out IDEAS Sustainability Swag! By donating to our program, you can help advance sustainability programs such as providing ceramic water filter installations in an impoverished region in Uganda while also advancing sustainability in your life!

All of our merchandise is designed with sustainability in mind! Did you know that plastic takes over 400 years to degrade? For a donation of $30 dollars or more, you can choose between an IDEAS For Us Tote Bag or a Hive Anniversary Corkcicle. Tote bags can reduce the use of plastic bags and a reusable container like the Corkcicle can reduce plastic bottle waste! Our tote bags were designed by our partners at 4Imprint and are 100% organic cotton. For a donation of $100 or more we are giving out solar backpacks so you can take your charging capabilities off the grid! For a donation of $115 or more, receive a tote and a backpack!

Shop for your sustainability swag here!


Our donors power and inspire us everyday. Join us in creating global sustainability solutions and show us your IDEAS Sustainability Swag with the hashtag #IDEASSWAG on Instagram and Facebook!