IDEAS for Us
IDEAS for Us | January 17, 2018


By Torre Ippolito


Create Meaningful REuseSOLUTIONS for our Communities, our Planet, and Ourselves

This New Year, The Hive Orlando launched their REuseSOLUTION campaign in an effort to embolden Hive Members and followers around the globe in pledging to reduce the use of plastics in their daily lives. Plastics, especially single use plastics such as straws and soda bottles, are polluting our magnificent oceans at alarming rates. So much so, that by the year 2050 there is expected to be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Plastic bags and utensils are especially deadly to sea life as they are easily mistaken for food. This doesn’t have to be our future. Many individuals taking small actions have the ability to make large-scale changes for our prosperity and for the prosperity of our planet.

For December’s Umuganda community action day, The Hive Orlando Team took to Downtown Orlando to pledge to reduce plastics in their daily lives. Equipped with knowledge, signs, and stainless steel straws, the team engaged and educated the downtown community on reducing plastic waste and awarded those committed to the pledge a reusable stainless steel straw for their more sustainable 2018 lifestyle. In fact, if everyone in the United States left plastic straws in the year 2017, we could stop 12 million pounds of plastic from entering our oceans in 2018.

Emily, owner of Florida & Co. at East End Market and friend of The Hive Orlando, pledged to incorporate more reusable to-go ware in 2018. Other pledges by Hive members include always carrying silverware, using reusable bags instead of plastic bags at the grocery store, and using a reusable water bottle.

“If you feel like your actions are insignificant, remember the straw…each one may be small, but taken together they become VERY significant. ”

–Sharon Hammond, IDEAS for Us Hive Director

Join us in pledging to reduce the use plastics this year with the hash tag #REuseSOLUTIONs for a more sustainable 2018! The Hive also recently launched a website! Keep up to date on all things Hive and Bee Involved!

‘The Hive’ is a community initiative of IDEAS For Us. A monthly Think/Do Tank aimed at addressing global challenges through local solutions to advance sustainability. The idea is to bring together leaders in the community and have them participate in breakout sessions at the Hive and come up with ways of educating, engaging, and empowering others. Orlando is home to the first Hive, but this model can be replicated anywhere.