Ricardo Williams
Ricardo Williams | May 16, 2017

Fleet Farming Launches Fundraiser for Pickup Truck

From GoFundMe:
“Fleet Farming’s Fleet Garden Install program is in need of a pickup truck! As many folks know, we commute to and from farmlettes using pedal power (bikes!) and rely on hand tools and highly motivated volunteers in our cultivation practices. We try to stay away from fossil fuels as musch as possible but for some garden installations we have to make an acception.

Fleet Gardens is a raised-bed turn-key garden installation service for homes and businesses who would like to manage a home garden but do not have the resources or skills to establish it. Due to the nature of the work, lots of supplies are needed; compost, soil, lumber, tools, soil and more compost! We greatly appreciate all the friends and volunteers who have allowed us to use their vehicles over the years but have decided its time we add a new memeber to the Fleet Family!

Funds raised will be used to purchase a preloved pick up truck with room for a few farmers and materials needed to get you growing.

Reward Levels

$20 – Soil Level
Donate $20 to be added to our list and recieve updates about projects.

$50 – Seed Level
Get a hand made thank you card in the mail from one our staff memebers.

$100 – Harvest Level
If you’re local, get a basket of produce from one of farmlettes.

$500 – Gardener Level
Get your name painted on the Fleet truck!

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…or come on out to one of the Farmlettes to experience it for yourself!”

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