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IDEAS for Us | July 12, 2017

Congratulations to our Solutions Fund Grant Recipients!


The Solutions Fund is an IDEAS for Us micro-granting platform which distributes $1000 in support of projects which advance the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in local communities all over the world; partnering with the applicants to develop their projects further and gather data to measure their impact.

The first funding cycle awarded 6 international projects which contributed generally to health, hunger, energy, social equity, and environmental initiatives, together advancing 14 of the United Nations’ 17 goals on a local level.


Congratulations to our recipients: 


WDC Somalia, applicants: Bashir Ahmed Mohamed


In Geriley, Somalia, the organization WDC Somalia was awarded a micro-grant to build latrines as relief to 300 internal refugees in a camp with no hygienic facilities; with plans to scale and expand the effort over the course of a year. The population benefitting from the program will also be trained in WASH practices to fight deadly disease which might be spread through unhygienic practices which leave young children particularly vulnerable.


Energy One Africa, applicant: Mpassy Isinki Mathy


In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, 100 students in a village of 0% electrification will be educated on solar energy options and provided a solar lamp for themselves and their families who currently rely on Kerosene lamps for light; which is well known to cause respiratory disease and is a fire hazard. These children, who collect water for their families after school, have little daylight by the time they can complete homework and study. This program will not only advance these children’s educational opportunities, but also provide free energy for their families and safeguard their families’ health through a partnership with Energy One Africa who will be providing the reliable solar technology which is projected to last 5 years.


Wanyana Foundation, applicant: Racheal Wanyana


In Uganda, we will be supporting a pilot program to benefit 150 hungry children by partnering with the Wanyana Foundation who will oversee the training of community stakeholders in sustainable local agriculture and the construction of a School farmlette (small farm) in which the maize and beans grown will be made into meals for the children suffering from food-insecurity in their community. The farm will be in operation all year round, and the pilot program will inform the methods for expanding the effort to other schools in food-insecure communities in Uganda.


Earth Guardians – Togo, Applicant: Mensa Kwami Tsedze


In Togo, Africa, the Solutions Fund has awarded funds to the Togo branch of Earth Guardians to plant 10,000 trees in 5 localities and lecture communities about energy alternatives to charcoal – produced by chopping down trees. This project was developed to mitigate the effects of climate change by sequestering carbon over the course of the trees’ lifespans and curb demand in an unsustainable energy economy through educational outreach.


Self Help Initiative for Development (SHIFOD), applicant: Nabatanzi Proscovia


In one Ugandan village, the grant will go to developing a localized economy of pig farming with SHIFOD. This initiative will create income, provide educational and vocational training, and develop opportunities for the women to sustain themselves and their families by participating gaining skills through the program. They will be trained in organic composting, gardening/farming, garden and sty construction, and pig rearing with an emphasis on animal welfare. The partner organization will be linking these women to suitable markets and hosting discussions on domestic violence to improve these women’s lives and family’s lives in all aspects.


Uganda Sickle Cell Rescue Foundation, applicant: Sharifu Kiragga Tusuubira 


In Uganda, there is a stigma around Sickle Cell disease in some communities which creates the societal pressure for families to hide away their families and prevent their children from attending school. Thinking Sickle Cell is contagious, families will sometimes say their loved ones have HIV rather than Sickle Cell, which if discovered, will result in them being ostracized from school, society, and the local economy. An award to the Uganda Sickle Cell Rescue Foundation will create 10 clubs in 10 schools which will create awareness about the issues with perpetuating the misconceptions of Sickle Cell, so that integrated school children will be encouraged to attend school and eventually enter the workforce and society, giving them an opportunity to one day have their own families which they can help support by having job opportunities in an inclusive society.



We are so pleased to work with these incredible organizations and groups. Congratulations to our Solutions Fund Grant recipients!