IDEAS For Us | April 22, 2016

Youth See Paris Agreement as Insufficient, Building Movement for Climate Solutions


April 22, 2016

Russell Mendell, Campaign Director, Earth Guardians
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Chris Castro, President, IDEAS For US
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**Youth Leaders See Paris Agreement as Insufficient, Building Movement for Climate Solutions**

New York City, NY – Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh, a 15 year-old Indigenous change agent, hip hop artist, and youth director of Earth Guardians, will attend the signing of the Paris climate agreement at the United Nations headquarters in New York City on Earth Day, April 22. Tonatiuh is joining more than 100 heads of state and actor Leonardo DiCaprio in welcoming the global agreement and large-scale action on climate change. He will be featured alongside DiCaprio in a 30-minute salon interview where he will give his remarks on the agreement and the road ahead in the climate justice movement.

“The Paris agreement is a step towards addressing the climate crisis, but experts agree it is not nearly enough to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius,” Tonatiuh said. “In order to truly solve this crisis, we need a global grassroots movement that will hold our leaders accountable and implement the solutions we need. Youth are standing up all over the planet to solve the greatest crisis of our time.”

Despite the shortcomings of the Paris agreement, activists are mobilizing globally and seeing success in moving toward a fossil free society. Earth Guardians is engaging thousands of youth in this movement across the planet.

In collaboration with IDEAS For Us, Earth Guardians is releasing its first portion of the Climate Leaders Handbook to its 900 youth-led Earth Guardian crews on six continents. This release will focus on the importance of soil and carbon sequestration as an effective means to curbing climate change.

“This collaboration is a bold move to unify our movements and engage youth leaders who are proactively working to accelerate solutions to the climate crisis,” Chris Castro, founder and president of IDEAS For Us, sad. “Our intention with the Climate Leaders Handbook is to provide all people with the necessary knowledge, skills, techniques, and proven solutions that are needed to be effective climate leaders on their school campuses and local communities around the world.”

Additionally, the Earth Guardians core Youth Council is proud to include five of the 21 plaintiffs involved in an Our Children’s Trust lawsuit against the federal government for failing to protect future generations against climate change. Earlier this month, Xiuhtezcatl Tonatiuh, Kelsey Juliana, Aji Piper, Victoria Barrett, and Journey Zephier were together when they received news that their lawsuit will proceed. Several oil and gas companies had jointly filed an appeal, which was struck down in Oregon’s Federal District Court.

“We are flooding the streets and now we are flooding the courts to show the world that there is a movement on the rise,” Tonatiuh voiced.


To sign up for the Climate Leader’s Handbook, click here.