IDEAS For Us | November 20, 2012

Youth participate in ‘Global Discussion on Climate Change’ in preparation the UN Cop18

As the 2012 UN Conference on Climate Change (COP18) approaches fast, IDEAS For UN decided to host an International youth discussion on the critical topic of  Climate Change, sharing stories of our local impacts, challenges facing our communities, and youth-led climate solutions to achieve a better future for all.

On Saturday, November 17th, a total of 17 youth from 7 countries — Including Pakistan, Netherlands, USA, Costa Rica, Ghana, Nepal and more! — came together for this important Virtual meeting; discussing Carbon abatement alternatives, Business incentives to reduce carbon footprint; and the Climate Justice movement helping those being disproportionately affected, such as countries throughout Africa.

Max Tau, representative from the Netherlands, discusses his work at Capgemini and how Sustainability is integrated into supply-chain management to help companies reach their carbon reduction goals

Over the next few weeks, leaders will be developing a Policy Paper for Youth representatives at the COP18 event in Doha, Qatar.  The goal will be to share our experience, our vision, and our voice to others on behalf of the IDEAS movement.

For those interested in viewing the discussion, please visit our link HERE.