IDEAS For Us | March 8, 2016

Where do the Presidential Candidates Stand on Fracking?


With fracking on the rise and an imminent presidential election there is no better time than now to look into each candidates stance on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. With a total of six candidates (two democrats and four republicans) to look at we see many different stances regarding state and federal regulation as well as reason for why they do or do not support fracking.


Donald Trump- Trump is all for fracking. He believes that in order for America to be successful economically we need a low cost clean source of energy. He says that natural gas deposits are the perfect answer to our fuel needs and fracking is the easiest and most cost effective way to obtain them. In Trumps’ eyes climate change is a myth so he does not feel that fracking will affect our climate.

Ted Cruz- Cruz has been a pegged as a big supporter of fracking after receiving a $15 million super PAC (political action committee) from two Texas brothers who own a fracking business. His main point is that we need to keep fracking regulation on a state level and not federal and that natural gas is the next step in finding sustainable energy.

John Kasich- Similarly to Cruz, Kasich feels that fracking should be regulated on a state level as opposed to a federal level. Kasich does acknowledge climate change but it seems that he thinks finding a new source of energy is a more pressing matter.

Marco Rubio- To round out the republicans we have our fourth fracking supporter. While Rubio does believe climate change is real he feels the billions of dollars of oil in the bedrock of American soil is a great chance to produce more jobs and capital for our country. He has vowed to reverse the EPA regulations on fracking.


Hilary Clinton- Clinton has come out against fracking in the arctic but is somewhat shifty when it comes to questions about domestic fracking. She avoids talking about it in her speeches and debates, but the few times it comes up her responses show she is for fracking. It has also been noted that she has received super PACs from a Philadelphia company that aggressively supports fracking. Her one requirement is that it becomes safer through more regulation. She does state that she would like to being phasing out fracking on public lands if elected.

Bernie Sanders- Sanders is the only presidential candidate to out right and actively oppose fracking. He claims that fracking will directly effect climate change and will not be our answer to the energy crisis. He looks to other source of energy such as wind and solar as our new source of sustainable energy.

With all the candidates having different stances and different support for their claim it will be extremely interesting to see how these next few months of campaigning turn out. In the end we can only hope that who ever becomes president decides to ban fracking for good. #banfracking