IDEAS For Us | March 15, 2014

West Africa Francophone Power Shift: IDEAS for Africa joins up

The leaders of IDEAS for Benin and IDEAS for Togo have attended the launch of campaign “West Africa Francophone Power Shift”. This campaign implemented in four francophone countries in West Africa was launched by to facilitate the awareness in climate change and the access to clean energy for local communities.

By joining this campaign, the leaders of IDEAS increase their actions for a positive change in Africa. During this campaign, many activities will be executed in four countries (Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Niger, and Togo) until 2015. In fact, the young people from these countries will take an important role in the climate change negotiation process. They want to influence the process and be sure that their view will be considered.

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For the step of this campaign, IDEAS for Us will be involved in awareness sessions with young people and local communities (women, men, political decision making, farmers, fishers, refugees…) across West Africa francophone with the support of the regional coordinator of and other NGOs who have been part of this project. Also, the project will provide to vulnerable communities the solar kit to help them to access clean energy. For that, they have processed in all four countries the launch of “Stand Up for Access to Clean Energy”. Other activities will be organized like marathons, projection of documentaries, green exposition and a regional camp where at least one hundred young environmental leaders from four countries will be met.

During the launch of this campaign in Benin, De Rocher Chembessi, country director of IDEAS for Benin has presented a communication in how young people could influence climate change policies. This presentation has been very appreciated by the delegates who have understood that the role of young people in climate change issues is most important.

Finally, Christian Hounkannou, regional coordinator of West Africa Francophone Power Shift hopes that this campaign will impact directly at least 10,000 young people from each countries during the first step.

– De Rocher Chembessi
Country Director of IDEAS for Benin