IDEAS For Us | October 11, 2015

Tree Planting Campaign from IDEAS For DRCongo


Nowadays it is unavoidable further impossible to talk about problems in general without mentioning to the main question which is at the center of many programs and projects and make interfering each one, each state, national or international organizations, banks… it is the environmental question.

October 8, 2015 is marked by the celebration of tree’s day in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The topic for that day was: Each house with one tree. The plot chosen for this program was “camp SAIO” located near Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda’s border, in Ibanda commune, Bukavu town. IDEAS For DR Congo with right impulse of IDEAS For US and the local team right here managed together for celebrating this day.

IMG_20151008_102450Many actors (Provincial government, International Organizations such as: WWF, local associations) answered to the appointment. We recall that the topic was about Each House with one tree. That pushed our group, IDEAS For DR Congo, forward to realize the reforestation of 500 young trees of two local kinds (Markhamia lutea et Grevilea robusta) long the site chosen which is the basin that pours in Ruzizi river. We can’t forget mentioning that this celebration marked also the tree planting campaign initiated by IDEAS For DR Congo. This campaign aims the plantation of 3550 trees for struggling against erosion and the loss of earth in various places affected by problem of deforestation.

Aims of activity: generally, this activity was about the launch of tree planting campaign. Specifically speaking it was the question of:
– Planting 500 young trees on the basin that pours in Ruzizi’s river
– Involving families, Non-Governmental organizations of the environmental’ civil society in south-Kivu, provincial environmental coordination, provincial ministry for environment and others actors in the process of environmental’ protection by planting trees.

Results To this day’s occasion:
– 500 young trees were planted;
– 53 students of Rural Development College/Bukavu;
– Participation of the environmental’ Coordination, the environmental’ civil society and the South-Kivu agro rural.

Realized Activities:
– Participation to the launch of this Arbor Day by the provincial environmental Ministry.
– Plantation of 500 young trees on Ruzizi river basin.


Conclusion and future perspective
By considering the importance of trees, it is primordial to reactive the conscious of one another on the topic according to the environment. This context translates entirely what IDEAS For DR Congo supports. Thus, facing the challenge of time, the information must be all together transversal and lasting. For the world needs conscious, awaken, warned, futuristic and pragmatist youth who can act by state of attending even the major defeat.
Big thanks to the staff of IDEAS For DR Congo for her vivacity showing and a particular eye to the whole team of IDEAS For Us for the encouragement and affection. The best remains in the days to come.

Best wishes

“Together find awareness and sustainable solutions”

-Didier Mugalihya, Program Manager / Daniel Mastaki, Country Director